Questions About Juvenile Jail

How long will I be in Juvenile Detention?

My friend and I were caught driving in his super-speed go-kart naked and we were being pulled over. He decides to floor it and flip the cops off. We run out of gas maybe 4 miles down the dirt road and they find us with beer. We are having our trial in two weeks. How long do you think I'll be there. I'm 13 and it's my first offense. I'm in Texas so will I go to TYC? Does anyone know of how long I will be in there if I do get jail-time

Hello, am 30 years old and am need help finding a way to pay for Invitro.?

I am 30 years old and am currently in my 5th year teaching. I moved to Columbia, SC in 2005 when I was hired at my first school and moved here to Las Vegas, NV in August 2009. I currently teach for Connections Academy. We are an online, public, K-12 school that exists all over the United States. I have a BA in English Language and Literature, a M.Ed. in Education, Instructional Technology and a M.Ed. in Education, Divergent Learning. I love learning and am especially interested in the neurology of learning. I taught in a school for children who were in Juvenile Jail and the psych ward or drug rehab for one reason or another. This is what got me interested in the neurology of learning and teaching students with disabilities; at this school every child was labeled MH, LD, ED, or MD. I have found that I have a gift with students who other teachers can’t seem to reach. It may be because I went through school facing a lot of the same issues as they did; I have dyslexia and ADD. I had to t

How do I get my Juvenile records from 40 years ago expunged?

I did get in to some trouble with the city police. They abused my rights..provided no legal representation. The chief of police went out of his way to stack the deck against me and even broke the law by getting me out of my cell at 3 am and interrogate me. Legally, he had to have a probation officer from the juvenile dept. present. They tried to get me to confess to every crime they hadn't been able to settle for several months. Finally they placed a statement in front of me from a girl stating that I was the father of her baby. Only one thing wrong with that: we had no sexual intercourse at any time. She lied for some reason, I dated her one time. I didn't even know she really liked me. We certainly were heatedly involved in kissing and hard breathing and other lite sexual displays, but we didn't get anywhere close to having intercourse. The chief and his sgt. played good cop-bad cop and kept me about three hours. I was barely 16 yrs. old. The chief finally said something like "If you

What is the privatization of probation and parole services?

What are three arguments in support of Privatization What are three arguments in opposition to Privatization What is the privatization of probation and parole services? Another ethical issue is whether states should privatize probation and parole services or continue to keep them public. Proponents of privatization argue that there are several benefits of turning over various governmental services to private corporations. One alleged benefit is the reduction of operating costs. Proponents claim that private enterprise can do things more efficiently and less expensively than the government. Government operation is equated with waste and inefficiency. Some of this is attributed to the civil service system, which guarantees job tenure except in extreme circumstances when jobs are abolished. Civil service workers are not under the same pressures as workers in private industry, who must consistently show a profit. Opponents of privatization argue that government agencies can be efficient

What should I do about these automated billing calls to my cell phone?

What should I do about these automated billing calls to my cell phone? I have been getting frequent phone calls from a company called "DTech Billing Services" with a recorded message telling me that I have a bill with them for collect calls. This seems to be their website. When I got on the line with DTech, they wanted me to give them my phone number. This seemed weird to me, and since I wouldn't tell the operator my number or any other personal information he wouldn't tell me anything about the bill. I contacted Cingular telling them that I never made a collect call, and asking if they knew about the company. They said this: I am not familiar with the company in question and Cingular is not involved with the company either. Cingular cell phones cannot make or receive collect calls. I would not give this company your cell phone number. However, I just remembered that a few months ago I received several requests for collect calls fr

RHH: Thoughts on Chief Keef going to juvie?

Article: "After being taken into custody for a violation of his probation from a 2011 gun conviction, the 17-year-old rapper has been ordered to serve two months at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, IL. on Jan. 17. -------------------------- The young rapper was convicted of his violating his probation stemming from a 2011 gun conviction by Judge Carl Anthony Walker on Jan. 15, after he was caught on camera holding a semiautomatic rifle at a New York gun range. The video was part of an interview with, which took place on July 2, 2012." Apparently dude burst out crying in court, which doesn't really surprise me because he is just a kid and Chicago juvenile detention centers are probably just as bad as adult jail. Can we expect of "Finally Out of Jail" album in two months? Are you gonna add #freesosa to your screen name now?

Should we press charges against a kid?

Should we press charges against a neighborhood kid? We just got back from vacation last night, and as we were unpacking, my 13 year old noticed some stuff moved around in his room. Upon further investigation, he found that a bunch of his prized Pokemon cards and toys were gone. At first I was skeptical, but then we checked in the playroom, and the safe I saw him putting his most valuable card in before we left was tossed on the floor, pried open and empty. Then my husband saw that the cellar door was ajar and that the spray paint cans that we had kept next to the door were gone. That's when we noticed the spray paint on our plants and stone wall. We also found a half eaten apple in the cellar. We called the police and they took the situation very seriously. When they asked if we had an idea who might have done this, we were unanimous: Justin. This kid has been trouble for 2 years, and seems to have an uncontrollable urge to take stuff from us, especi

ok 14 year old girl gets 7 years for running into a 56 year old so you think it is worong?

PARIS, Texas -- The public fairgrounds in this small east Texas town look ordinary enough, like so many other well-worn county fair sites across the nation. Unless you know the history of the place. There are no plaques or markers to denote it, but several of the most notorious public lynchings of black Americans in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries were staged at the Paris Fairgrounds, where thousands of white spectators would gather to watch and cheer as black men were dragged onto a scaffold, scalded with hot irons and finally burned to death or hanged. Brenda Cherry, a local civil rights activist, can see the fairgrounds from the front yard of her modest home, in the heart of the "black" side of this starkly segregated town of 26,000. And lately, Cherry says, she's begun to wonder whether the racist legacy of those lynchings is rebounding in a place that calls itself "the best small town in Texas." "Some of the things that happen here would not happen if we were in Dallas o

Why Would They Plead Guilty ... If They Were Innocent ...?

Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash ..... Prosecutors say Luzerne County Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan took $2.6 million in payoffs to put juvenile offenders in lockups run by PA Child Care LLC and a sister company, Western PA Child Care LLC. The judges were charged on Jan. 26 and removed from the bench by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shortly afterward. The judges are scheduled to plead guilty to fraud Thursday in federal court. Their plea agreements call for sentences of more than seven years behind bars. Judge Mark Ciavarella in his own words : "I have disgraced my judgeship. My actions have destroyed everything I worked to accomplish and I have only myself to blame." Ciavarella has denied he got kickbacks for sending youths to prison. Ok ... I'm confused. He pleads guilty to fraud but denies receiving money to send these young people

Wrongfully convicted?

I was charged with a sex offense at 21 for something that supposedly happened when I was 14. There was no real hard proof that I did it besides that the girl, who is now 17-18, said that I raped her when I was 14. I did 5 1/2 months in jail while the district court here in Utah, bounced my case back and forth between the district and juvenile court, trying to decide where to try me. The juvenile court didn't take it so I was convicted in the district court. I had two 1st degree felonies, both carrying 6 years to Life in prison and though I didn't do it, I had no proof that I didn't. So I plead to a 2nd degree felony, I was 22, and now I'm spending the rest of my life on the registration list. The 1st were Rape of a Child and Sodomy of a Child and I plead to Sexual Abuse of a Minor. Is there any way I can get this removed? Sadly, due to this experience, it has taken a major toll on my life. I'm 25 now, have had major doubts that I will lead a happy life like meeting someone who wants to