Questions About Konev

Why did hitler blame his generals for his own mistakes and distrust them for the outcome of the war?

After the battle of Stalingrad and Kursk was lost hitler was trying to gain more and more control over the battlefield instead of leaving it up to his generals to make the right tactical military decisions, on the other hand Stalin handed it over to his best generals like Georgy Zhukov and Konev to take control regarding military tactics during the red army's great advance towards Germany. Meanwhile every time something went wrong on the battlefield Hitler would always be one to dish out the orders to his generals which were to either hold the town/village/city to the last man, no retreat, do not surrender otherwise your considered a traitor, but in this scenario those decisions was just suicide. One key error Hitler allowed is that when the allies landed at Normandy on D'day he was fast asleep in Berlin when the invasion happened, none of the officers or troops were given any orders as to where they should advance and how to repel the invasion properly, since Rommel was home with his