Questions About Kure Rail Station

Things to do around Kure, Japan

I am heading to Japan for the first time. Looking for day trip suggestions and things to do near Kure. I will be traveling to Kure, Japan for about 10 days next month (mid-July) for work. I anticipate a few days of downtime--probably not consecutive days, so I'm looking for some fun things to do in Kure and nearby areas. I enjoy the outdoors, but it seems like it may be pretty rainy in July, so indoor and outdoor suggestions are welcome. Since I am a vegetarian I was also wondering if there are any local dishes I should try or even specific eateries I shouldn't miss. Places accessible via rail/bus are preferred as I will be staying a short walk from the Kure rail station. Hiroshima is less than an hour away, so I definitely plan on spending a day there. Any specific suggestions for things to see in Hiroshima? This will be my first time in Japan, so any general tips/info would also be appreciated. Arigatou gozaimasu!