Questions About Lakai

Girl advice wanted, what kind of casual clothes would make a guy attractive?

I always wear plain colored shirts with no logos, different type of jeans, and I always buy shoes that are kind of like vans (habitat, lakai, emerica, and vox shoes). I also skate, do girls find that attractive? No one can ever tell that I skate so if chicks do dig skaters should I start dressing like one by wearing logo shirts? Should I change it up a bit? If yes what should I do?

How does shoe goo work on the grip of a skate shoe?

I just got through another pair of skate shoes that are supposed to last for a really long time so I got some lakai's and shoe goo. If I put shoe goo on the suede, will it be less grippy? How well does shoe goo grip? Right now the shoes have killer grip. And should I wait til it's about to tear to put shoe goo on? Or put it on now... Or when it's completely torn? Hopefully I won't need it for a while. Thanks

What are good BMX shoes?

Ok so I am a ex skater just started bmxing 4 days ago so far I can bunny hop 3 skateboards manual, 180, wheelie.. I have torn lakais from skateboarding I love them but is there a better shoe for skateboarding? I got these shoes at a skateshop, should I just get them again? or is there a better shoe :D oh and my pedals are Primo Stricker Pc Pedals are those good pedals or should I upgrade? they are barely cracked on one pedal in the mid. that's the only crappy thing on my bike lol Idk I can just 180 lots of practice.. lol and I had dvs's and yeah I am breakless as well