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CHANCES: I want to go to Georgetown, Holy Cross, or Boston College

I go to a prestigious Jesuit prep school in DC where they say that these are the three best Jesuit colleges in the country. I really like Jesuit institutions and would prefer to go to one of these three but am afraid my GPA may be too low. I have wanted to go to Georgetown University for a long time, and although most of my stats are decent, I'm afraid my GPA might bring my chances down. Can anyone tell me what my chances might be? - 3.57 GPA - 32 Composite ACTs - Editor-in-chief of School Newspaper - Varsity Basketball Captain - NYLF on Law Delegate - Italian Club President I have also taken 6 AP classes total, work two jobs, and have done a ton of volunteer work within my community. I will be a senior this year, and plan to apply early action to Georgetown. Do I stand a chance with my GPA? I am also in the National Honor Society and since law is the area of study I would enventually like to pursue, I have done a Law Mentorship with a law firm in my area. My school does not rank

How should I talk to future employers about my unhappy stint as a lawyer?

I was the asker of this question. I did end up losing my job, but thanks to your advice, moving on has been a lot less painful than I feared. Now I have a question about how to explain to potential new employers a) the circumstances of the termination, and b) my reasons for leaving the practice of law. First, I want to thank everyone who responded to my previous question with so much compassion, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am. I sobbed with relief as I read your kind replies. It was the first time in a very long while that I didn’t feel utterly alone and hopeless. Those of you who guessed I was a lawyer, you guessed right. I worked at a very small firm with three partners (I was the only associate). There was very little training, guidance, or mentorship given. When I started there, I was told that one of the partners would take me out for a lunch meeting every week or two weeks, and that I’d have a formal review every three months. That never, ever happ