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Leighton Baines - Where does he rank?

*Super long question, I took it from a post I was writing for a football website and altered it slightly inb4 tl;dr Before we all get our pitchforks out and brand me a heretic for what I'm about to say, please note that if I was to create a world 11 footballing side (present day) it would include only 1 premiership footballer. That would be Leighton Baines. "u stupid premface i h8 u EDUCATE YOURSELF" I understand that to nominate someone who plays for a relatively small club in Everton, with little International experience and even less experience of European football is an odd thing to do, in fact when playing for England he has looked average, but I believe this is a by-product of the system England play, which has rendered players like Scholes looking out of place and ineffective. The usual candidates. Marcelo Alba Alaba Coentrão Evra Cole If I was to ask for who I really should choose, I imagine that a number of the aforementioned players would come up quite often, most of th