Questions About Librettists

Is there anyone here who is willing to try their hand at writing a libretto for an opera?

I have been wanting to compose an Opera for a while and have been desperately looking for a plot and librettist. I know that it seems pointless asking for a librettist here on Yahoo! Answers, but I'm left with no other options. If there is anyone out there who is willing to try their hand at writing a libretto for an Opera, please step forward. Thanks.

What are the most remarkable similarities and difference between Le nozze di Figaro Le Barbiere de Sévile?

Mozart’s opera Le nozze di Figaro is based on Pıerre Beaumarchais’s play Le Barbiere de Sévile. Could someone with decent knowledge about the subject please elaborate about the ways in which the play was adapted into a libretto, those aspects of the play that appealed to Mozart and his librettist, and the differences between the two works?

Why are Gilbert & Sullivan so popular?

Why are Gilbert & Sullivan so popular today, at least compared to other light opera composers? I find it hard to believe that they were the only ones creating works in that vein; so why is it that today they're the only ones we remember? There are dozens of well-known grand opera composers, and probably hundreds of lesser-known ones, spanning hundreds of years. But if you're looking for "light opera", whatever that means, it's hard to think of anyone other then Messrs. G. & S. Is it just that their works are in English, that jokes & horseplay don't translate well, and there are other composers who worked in other languages whose works are just as popular in, say, France, Germany, or Italy? Were there other English composers & librettists who wrote similar works? Or were Gilbert and Sullivan really the best at what they did, to such a degree that we don't remember anyone else?

How to start writing research paper on "Musical Theater"?

I have to write a 3-4 page typed paper relating musical theater to real life experience and how music can add to the emotional impact of theater. Must have the name of 2 composers known for their distinguishing contribution to the musical theater along with these terms; Broadway musical, librettist, libretto, and soliloquy. I am suffering from major writers block. I have no idea were to start or how to start it. HELP! I don't need anybody to write it for me i just need some tips on how to start it?