Questions About Longbranch

Is it possible to have a pig delivered to someone?

Is it possible to have a pig delivered to someone? If so, how? I live in AZ. I have a friend who lives in Longbranch Washington (near Tacoma) on what is turning into a small farm. By this I mean, he has a gigantic garden, a bunch of chickens (including egg laying hens), and the intention to soon have a cow, a pig or pigs, and other various farmish items. He wants to grow his own food, collect his own milk, raise his own beef etc... He is serious about providing for himself in a healthy and world friends type way. Anyway, I want to help in some small way. His birthday is soon, and having seen the movie Doc Hollywood, and being of impractical and unsound mind, I'd like to buy him his first pig. 4-H kids raise them. I imagine it isn't something he can't handle. He's quite capable. Ideally, this pig would be delivered to his door with a bow and a rope leash. I realize this of course is entirely unrealistic. But how close to this can I come? Questions to be answered: