Questions About Lt Rum

Reefer rum

I've been trying to find some info on soaking marijuana in alcohol, specifically to determine what the effects would be in drinking such a mixture. Everything I've found so far, suggests that a marijuana/alcohol mixture makes a good tincture for presumedly medicinal purposes. There is also a vodka beverage infused with marijuana seeds that is supposed to be quite terrible. Alcohol is said to be good for extracting THC and I've seen some sources suggest using it to make hash. Just for fun, I've put about an ounce of chopped bud into a bottle and filled it with rum. But before I drink it, I'd kinda like to know something about dosage and strength. So anyone out there ever try this before?

A Roast Pig and A Bottle of Rum

What are your favorite luau or tiki lounge related recipes? In a few weeks, I'm hosting a pig roast at my place and I want to have a tiki lounge theme for the decor and the rest of the food. I've got the decor covered pretty well thanks to a major sale at a closing fabric store. I've got the pig taken care of as well. Now, I'm looking for lots and lots of recipes. Some of them will be used that night. The majority will go into a custom recipe book I'm making for the guest of honor. So, point me to your favorite luau or tiki lounge related recipes that I can include in my party. Recipes for appetizers, vegetables, meats, desserts and, especially, fruity rum drinks are all welcome. Don't limit yourselves to just rum. Don't limit yourselves to one bottle. We won't.

Rum and Apple Cid-ER! Rum and Apple Cid-ER!

I seem to remember a cartoon (might've been a Looney Tune, with Daffy perhaps?) from my youth in which a pirate song that ends up with "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" was sung, but it ended instead with a conga-beat rhythm that went something like "yo ho ho and a bottle of" (and here's where the conga beat came in) "rum and apple cid-ER / rum and apple cid-ER / rum and apple cid-ER" (with the 'ER' being the beat). It's an obscure vague memory at the outreaches of my childhood, but that "rum and apple cid-ER" has become a real earworm for me the past few days. Any idea where this little comedy bit came from, and if it's on one of the online video services?

Baking substitution for light rum?

I want to whip up an applesauce cake this afternoon for Rosh Hashanah (this recipe specifically). However, I don't have light rum. What can I use as a substitute that will make my cake just as yummy? I have lots of flavor extracts--vanilla, orange, lemon, almond, maple--and was thinking some combo of those might work. (Say, 1 tsp orange and 1 tsp maple.) I'm worried those might overpower the applesauce, though. Does anyone have any experience substituting anything for light rum? It's not the end of the world if the flavors don't quite work, but I have a reputation as a good baker and don't want to ruin it.

Where to buy Mauritian rum, beer and tea in Australia?

Question for Aussies or Mauritian ex-pats: Where can I buy some products from Mauritius in Australia? After honeymooning in Mauritius a few years ago, we have finally (in the past 12 months or so) run out of the last of the Green Island Rum we purchased while we were there. The things is, we've had no real luck trying to purchase this rum, and other items from the island here in Australia (most specifically, Melbourne) We were wondering if there are any places in Australia (Melbourne particularly if they are retail outlets) where we could purchase Green Island Rum, Bosi Cheri Tea and Phoenix or Marlin Beer. Importantly, we'd love to hear from any Aussie MeFe-ites who have actually successfully purchases said products here in Australia. There seem to be a few organisations promoting that they sell these products, but they either don't do so, or don't respond to requests for more information or inquiries. Thanks so much!