Questions About majirel

How to mix Matrix Majirel and Majirouge hair colour?

I have had my hair coloured at the salon but my roots grow out fast (grey) - I have to colour my roots myself every two weeks and can't afford to go the hairdresser that often - how do I mix colours - she used No 6 Dark Blonde Majirel and Majirouge 7-62 Ultra Red. What proportions do I mix on my roots and is it ok to use my 6% developer? I look forward to your usual helpful replies.

Whats the difference between majicontrast and majirel mix?

I ordered majirel mix red and they accidentally sent me majicontrast red which i have never heard of before. i did get the right product in the end. i know majirel mix red leaves my hair the same colour has Rhianna's and stays in pretty long but i have no idea if the other colour is a semi or if the shade comes out different or if it leaves it less glossy or....? Can someone explain? Thanks.

what would happen if i put dark brown hair dye over bleached red hair?

my natural colour is medium brown. i dyed my hair bright red its faded abit now i used bleach but only for a couple of minutes. i used L'Oreal Majirel color to dye it then ever week i put on fire red crazy colour getting fed up with it as i have had it for a while. i had Dark brown hair before and i liked it so was just wondering what would happen if i put it over my red hair. would it ruin it or would the red come through?...

I have a question regarding CLAIROL Professional brand hair color.?

My client's old formula used the shades as follows: 7N 6.34 7.3 I understand 7N but it's been a long time since I've worked with a color line that uses the number system. I don't use Clairol at my salon and am not familiar with the line. My supply house does not carry it and I don't have access to a color chart. Can anyone relate to me what the last two shades are comparable to in say Redken, or Wella or even Majirel? Thanks so much!

How can I get my hair one color ? I've messed about with it so much and now it's patchy ! Please help !!?

I've messed my hair up! It was bright red and I got bored and wanted brown so put brown on it and it was verging on black and far too dark !! So I stupidly stripped it.....then just put browny tones on it to get a light browny color and because of the bleach from the stripping it was patchy and in some areas had a green tone and was told I needed a warm color. I then wanted a brown with a red/plum tone in it which I done today (majirel 5.62 mixed with 20% volume peroxide) and the top half is a lovely color however.... The bottom half is more dull and lighter as it hasn't taken as well as the top which I think is due to the stripping of my hair or maybe cos it wasn't left on bottom half long enough ?? The top is obviously newer less damaged hair and has therefore taken better. Any suggestions as to how I can get it the same as the top half ? Was thinking of puttin the same color on just bottom half leaving on longer ? And maybe mixing with a 10% volume peroxide? Please help !!!

how do i get rid of yellowy highlighted and brassy hair all over?pics included? this is my pic its so annoyini color my hair thousand times to get it right but nothin happens except damage now my hair is really brassy and i can't get a violet toner here in india the professsional brands here are wella koleston and majirel i don't wanna go any lighter perhaps i could go a bit darker but which would be the best shade for me to cut down brassy yellowy look and a bit of orange?