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Redditors, what skill(s) are you working on day by day in hopes that you will acquire insane Jedi-like mastery on?

Malcolm Gladwell explained in his book "Outliers" that in order to become insanely good at something in any field whether that will be painting, business, culinary cooking, or chess, you have to practice for around 10,000 hours in it. To do that, you practice the skill for a number of hours per day…

An older actor who has had a raunchy role or two?

This question sprang to my mind when I was going through the answers of my yesterday's question about gracefully aged actors : So which of the older generation actors/actresses have had a raunchy role or two in the past? The top ones that come to my mind are : Marlon Brando - Last Tango in Paris - The infamous butter scene. Helen Mirren - Caligula - too many scenes too controversial. Malcolm McDowell - Caligula & A Clockwork Orange - need I say more? Michael Gambon - The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover - I was quite shocked to see such profanities coming from good old Dumbledore :)

power rankings 2009-2010?

1. New England Patriots – The Patriots managed and 11-5 record without QB Tom Brady last year. With Brady, that record may have been 15-1 or should i say 16 and....well i hold off on that. Brady is back. Coach Bill Belichick did the usual smart roster improvements in free agency and not only addressed short-term deficiencies in the draft, but the long-term ones as well. The Patriots will win at least 13 games and they will go deep into the playoffs, and most lightly take the 09-10 Super Bowl. 2.New York Giants – The Giants did very well refortifying their roster in free agency and the draft. Injured starters on the D-line are back. DE Osi Umenyiora is healthy. WR Hakeem Nicks was drafted to replace Plaxico Burress. The defense will be dominant and they won’t miss Plax one bit. I firmly believe that the Giants would’ve been in the Super Bowl without the injuries and Plaxico saga. The Giants are my Super Bowl favorites for 2009. 3. Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles fans had to be frustrate

Breaking Bad Fans! Answer?

Breaking Bad is possibly the greatest television series ever made. If you haven't seen it, I suggest not reading anything on youtube or wikipedia or forums or threads or anything. Just stay away if you have not or even if you have, but aren't caught up. Seriously, one comment can ruin it for you, or the title of a youtube video. Anyway, Breaking Bad is sooooo good, I'll admit that I like it better than The Wire. Vince Gilligan and the staff (writers, directors, producers, cinemotographers) are just the best on tv right now, and the cast is amazing. Led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. what do you think? For best shows heres my list. 1. Breaking Bad 2. Malcolm in the Middle (seasons 3-6 and 2nd half of season 7. Odd, I originally watched Breaking Bad cause I loved Malcolm and I thought it was weird that Bryan Cranston was on a show about a guy who cooks crystal meth. Now it has surpassed it as my favorite show. just to note, i liked the first two seasons, just really was at its b

Can you give me some feedback on my book so far? (long post)?

I've hit a wall and some feedback would help me get going again. Just let me know what you think of it so far. Thank you so much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ © Raylie Winretti 2008 Time Locked Chapter 1 The smell of dirt and moister permeated the senses. A cold chill began to creep up her spine as a dense fog settled deep in the forest. Maegan Morris had no idea where she was or how she got there. She remembered running for shelter after the storm hit. She also remembered seeing a flash of lightning and then waking up on the floor of a forest she had never seen before. She had wondered in the forest for well over an hour now and there was no sign of a way out or any sign of life around her. There was no way of calling for help, her cell phone showed no bars just before it had died ten minutes ago. She sat down on a hollowed log feeling very alone and helpless. Oh how she wished she had a blanket, or at least