Questions About Maritim Hotel

What are some unique hotels in Canada that aren't necessarily expensive?

Hotels that are historically significant, have a local charm or interesting story behind them. And preferably not the brand hotels like Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental, (something smaller or even a hole of a room... but there's something unusual to it)? And particularly what about the ones in the maritimes and Quebec? I know Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and Banff, and Jasper, are loaded with suites and lodges that you won't find elsewhere.

Local Buses In Malta. Malta International Airport to Maritim Hotel in Mellieha.?

Hi, could anyone please tell me about catching a bus from Malta International Airport to Mellieha. -- How frequent are they? -- How much do they cost? -- How long does the journey take? -- Is the bus stop at the airport? -- Where do we catch the bus from? -- Anything else I should know? We will arrive on a Saturday, late morning. Also, would appreciate some suggestions of things to do, places to eat etc while we are there! Thanks so much!