Questions About Market Research Assistant

What kind of products do market research firms sell and to what kind of customers?

A market research firm that specialized in the video game industry, what kind of products would they sell? And why would anyone be in need of them? One practical example I can think of is an analysis piece for hedge funds/investment funds that needed assistance in making a decision as to where to allocate their capital, or perhaps to an investment banking firm that's requesting more information on a privately held company looking to go public. How would such a firm advertise themselves and get clients? Any help appreciated, thanks!

Advice for how to market myself as a design/media/communications ninja

I've got a very eclectic resume: 5-7 years of experience in several different fields at once, because I have had multiple simultaneous jobs. Now I'm looking for a new gig, and I think I have a lot to offer, but I'm not sure how to market the breadth of my skills. Here's my brag list: - designed & edited a peer-reviewed academic publication for 6 years - built web databases and CMS in HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL for a nonprofit (also for 6 years) - fact checker/research assistant for a mass-market popular science book - made and sold my own Photoshop plugins - done storyboarding and hand-drawn animation for some filmmakers - made curriculum materials for schools - I'm about to finish up a Master's Degree in Science Education I know that to some people, all this might look kind of nutty and unfocused, but I've had a pretty consistent goal throughout. I want to work with all types of information and media (web, print, video, illustration, writing) --

How do I factor a lousy housing market into a job offer?

An opening for my possible dream job has come out of the blue (I'm currently employed). How do I factor in a lousy housing market and the fact that I would have to sell my townhouse when evaluating this job offer (which would require relocation)? A friend and mentor that I've known for several years has offered me what could very well be my dream job. The offer is unexpected, as I'm currently employed and haven't been actively looking for a job. Nonetheless, it's a great offer that could be very hard to find in the future so I'm going to look into it. The main problem I have right now is that the job would require relocating to South Carolina from the D.C. area, and right now the housing market is (as we all know) not so good for sellers. I just bought my townhouse last year, and currently the places in my area are selling for at least $20K less than what I paid for mine. So, the question I have is this: how do I factor this into weighing the pros and cons of

how can I get in marketing at the age of 38?

I am 38, living in Scotland, and after 3 years out of the workforce due to bipolar disorder will be soon able to work again. I would love to work in marketing since I find the subject fascinating, especially marketing communications, and in fact I got a B.A. in marketing way back in 1991. How credible is a 38 year old candidate will little directly relevant experience, putting aside the long gap from the workplace? I worry that companies with entry-level positions will automatically want to fill them with shiny new graduates, but my positive side thinks "its only too late if I don't start now" and if I got a start I could progress quite quickly. If you have any experience in marketing, or even if you don't, any ideas about how to get a start would be very useful. I have had depression since my twenties and then developed bipolar disorder when I was 32, necessitating several hospital stays and eventually me giving up my job at 35 to properly recover. I have been

What is the best geneology software on the market? Research Family tree?

Hello, I need a last min Christmas gift and I just found out my mom really wants to start researching our family tree. I dont want to mess around with something that is a waste of her time and my money. Can someone that has alot of experience with this give me your opinion on what is on the market that is user friendly but good quality software to put on her computer to help her get started and assist her to completion? Thanks!

I'm a novice at java, web pages, etc., and am tasked with what to me is a huge, insurmountable task.. any thoughts, tips, etc?

A bit of background. I'm a researcher / research assistant at an international research organization doing work on energy markets. I've been working the past year on making a model to calculate costs of building, lets say power plants. I've made a simple-ish model in Java that calculates costs of p…

How to promote LED light fixtures in a way to promote marketing in business? Help my research paper...?

I'm writing a research paper for my Marketing subject and the given topic to follow is LED (light fixtures) marketing. I have to write it by assuming myself as a new Marketing Manager of the company. I need some ideas in how LED (light fixtures) market can be promoted to improve business of the company. This is my assignment and will assist me in getting extra credit for the next level. Thanks guys. Say all you can say.

Becoming a Librarian

Calling the MeFi Librarian Posse... I want to join! Questions about getting an MLS and job inside. After doing some serious "what do I want to do with my life" questioning, I've decided that becoming a law librarian would be right up my alley. The basic question is, what's the best way to go about doing this? A little background to start - I got my JD a couple of years ago, and while I like the law, I don't want to practice it. Since graduating, I've been working for one of the major legal database companies (take a guess) offering research assistance for customers. I like what I do, but I think a law librarian position could be more challenging and rewarding. I'm seriously considering pursuing an MLS part time, likely via distance-ed. Relating to the MLS - is it worth trying to get into a highly ranked program? What's are some of the things library school admissions are looking for? If its going to be a year or so before I apply, what sort of things can

Reddit, I have a friend trying to choose from 4 career paths as he's finished with most college gen-eds, any tips on which one works best or how best to decide?

The 4 he's thinking about right now are: - video game designer - business career (management, business analyst, or marketing research) - teacher (chemistry and science in general leaning towards college professor) - lab assistant or science research using chemistry and biological If at all po…

I have a web site to market products, and want to add links to improve traffic. I need help on the processes.

My web site is, and so far I don't have it on any search engines but Yahoo and a few free ones. I want to link to some child safety organizations that I've researched and have some urls to send letters requesting approval. I also am planning to add affiliates who offer other child safety products when I write an ezine web site with info on the subject. I know how to get domain names and have assistance with creating web sites, but what is the process for adding both incoming and outgoing links. Can any web master or other expert help me?

How do Psychology PhD admissions committes view non-trad applicants?

I'm planning on applying to PhD programs in Social Psychology (or General Psychology) this fall, and I'm wondering how they view older applicants with work experience. I'm turning 30 in a week, and I've had a good work history in research fields (quantitative marketing research, psychophysical vision research), with a few publication credits as a result. I also already have a MA in Psychology. I obviously can't be judged by the same standards as recent undergrads, since I've had the time to get more research done. Am I going to be at an advantage or disadvantage? Assume things like GPA and GRE scores will be around the same as the other applicants. Thanks! Hork2004, My vision research has been in psychophysical research (light/dark/transient adaptation, contrasting younger and older subjects), driving research (designing driving simulator courses for testing prisms for aiding hemianopes), and currently I am working on a vision/diabetes project contrasting traditional eye exa

Due to company restructuring I am doing two people's job, but despite of explaining why I am being constantly leaving late my employer thinks I am too slow and lazy. How should I handle this situation?

Dear Redditors, Without giving out too much information, I work in the tech industry and my job is to assist sales and marketing in providing technical information, customer feedback, market research data and etc. Or at least those were the jobs that I was hired to do. Now, due to restructuring, f…

What are some different marketing business professions?

I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in Marketing and will be starting my MBA following. I am wondering what different professions are out there and a job description with them for those with a marketing degree. I know of these: Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Manager Brand Manager Investment Bankers What are many others that I may be interested in? I would like to research these different professions and what they entitle. Thanks for the help.