Questions About Mazama

I'm out on the border, on the border

Renting a car in BC to drive to WA state - Why can't I? How could I? I would like to rent a SUV with winter tires so I can drive to WA state and cross-country ski in the Methow near Winthrop WA. This trip would entail driving in the winter, a few months from now: over mountain passes, using windy roads, crossing an international border mid-province, then down a highway and a 2-lane highway to my final destination in Mazama in North-Central Washington. Yes, crossing an international border. The buck stops there... Any rental agency here in Vancouver BC will rent me a car - but admitting to plans for crossing the border automatically slams the door on the transaction. I called Budget and a few others and heard the same thing: no. Do you know of any agencies that will allow this? Why can my friends rent a car at SeaTac and come up to Vancouver BC for a visit, but I cannot do the same from my province to visit WA? Who can I call that would allow thi