Questions About mcdonalds cash register screen

McDonalds Touch Screen Cash Register Menu Help?

I am so confused. I have been working at McDonald's for 1 week now cleaning and making fries but today I was trained on the touch screen cash registers. I found it very difficult at first and constantly needed help from other workers. What sort of practice can I do at home to help me improve on the registers (pictures, websites etc). It is just so hard to remember everything on them. Thanks ~!

McDonald's touch screen cash register menu pictures? or software?

I just started at McDonald's and they straight away put me on the front counter by myself.... No crew trainer even helped me... A crew member just quickly overviewed the cash register and left me all by myself..! I'm finding it very difficult and keep on pressing the wrong buttons.. And I have to ask the customer about 5 times what they want again.. /: Is there any McDonald's touch screen cash register menu pictures or software that I can download? So I can memorise the buttons?! Really needing help! /: thanks

Can I get advice at working at McDonald's?

I am 16 years old, and I just got my first job at McDonald's. I have one more day of training, but it's not what I expected. I'm still not sure what to do, and while my trainer is doing her job. She's not training me very well. So far, I sorta know how to use the cash register. Though, I don't know if I can do it by myself yet. I'm afraid of not knowing the answers to peoples questions, getting a order wrong, or not finding an item on the screen. The real thing starts next week, and I feel unsure about working. Is there anything I can do to get help?

Is there an online practice cashregister for mcdonalds?

I just started McDoanlds a few weeks ago, and Im so confused on the codes on the cashregister and the screens. Does anyone know of any web sites that has the cash register for mcdoanlds on it? I really need help with the abreviations and what they mean. Please don't respond saying something stupid. Im a 16 year old, with a job. Its not like im going to work @ mcfattys for the rest of mylife, but i would like to be decent and know the abbreviations well while i work there! thanks!

Can't take someones order and handle another person money at the same time?

I'm really freaking out, they're making me do drive thru at mcdonalds. And okay, it's not bad doing ONE thing at a time, like handling cash and then taking orders or vice versa whatever. But they want me to do it at the same time; such as taking another person order and handling another person money at the same time. I can not do that at all, I have to really concentrate on handling money because I have some math issues and I have to make accurate change. What am I going to do?! I can't work on 2 orders at the same time, both taking the order and handling the cash. And yet these other people are like doing it fine; probably because counting change is nothing to them. I have trouble handling the special POS touch screen register still and most of the time I can't even hear these people right anyway. I wish there was a way to practice the register online but I've looked and it doesn't exist. I don't know what I should do :(