Questions About medium intense red

Red hair fading pink, How to get rid of the pink?

I colored my hair with Ion medium intense red blonde, Like an idiot I didn't pay attach to the swatch I just assumed well hey it says red blonde it must be a more coppery red! Ha ha...No! Before coloring my hair this shade it was being color treated by box blonde, But the lower lengths of my hair was bleached because of a year ago of having black in my hair. So the top part of my head is fading to a copperish red which I adore! But the lengths of my hair are turning pinkish! I do not wanna bleach my hair because it is very damaging and I've considered cutting off all the pink length of my hair but it would cause my hair to be up to my neck and the shortest I'm willing to go is shoulder length. Sadly a salon is not an option due to low income, Now that I have pink ends I really don't wanna bring that with me to any interviews. So please if anybody can tell me how to get rid of this like...pinky salmon color with out bleaching and turn it into a coppery red I would really appreciate it!

How do I dye my hair from red to brown?

I dyed my hair from a dark brown to a medium intense red by ion color brilliance. I would like to dye it back to a dark brown but am unsure of what to do. If i used a color corrector would it take the red out? Also before my hair was a dark brown it was a golden brown (1 year ago) now its red. I would also like to give myself caramel or warm brown highlights later on. So my question is how do i dye my hair from the red to a dark brown? should i use a color corrector or will dying it an ash brown counteract the red? hair color time line: dark brown (2 years ago)-----golden brown (1.5 years ago)---dark brown ( a year ago)---red (6 months ago)

Can i turn my Garnier intense red dyed hair reddish brown?

I have been dying my hair medium reddish brown for years without fail. On a whim with friends I tried Garnier Intense Red and though the color is okay, it is too much for my very pale complexion. I dyed my hair a week ago and am hoping now that I have washed it a few times I can redye it to make it either auburn or reddish brown. I was told to put a medium brown over the red, but am afraid to ruin my hair completely.

Dying my hair red any help?

So right now my hair is a dark brownish red and in the sun you can see more red than brown but is still a dark brown if that makes any sense at all. I want to get my hair to look like how can I achieve this without bleaching and without going to a salon? I do not want to go to a salon bc I've gone before to get this color and it faded within 2 days. Any hair dye recommendations that I can use to get to this color? I was thinking of mixing Loreals hilighting dye in the color Magenta with the color Medium Intense Red from Ion. But not to sure. Any help will be appreciated.

im bleach blonde, how should i go about achieving dark brown burgundy hair color?

i've been bleaching my hair for a about a year now and im over it, im over being blonde and the roots and just bleaching n general. i wanna be a really pretty brown burgandy color. i was watching a vid on youtube from bentleyblonde about how she acheived burgundy hair color and she said she mixed 4N (medium brown) and 4IR (medium intense red) both being ion brands and applied that on her hair and it came out beautifully, she did have light brown hair before coloring i have blonde? is that going to affect it a diff way?? im planning on using a filler.... or should i just skip this all together and dye my hair a golden brown mahagony color?

How can I get rid of red tones in my hair ?

My hair was always dark brown. Last year I dyed my hair an auburn color from garnier fructis ( R2 Medium intense Auburn ) And I loved the color so I kept it going and redyed it every time it would start to fade. Please note that my entire hair was not the auburn color mostly the top because a few months before I dyed my ends black and the red did nothing to the black. So I wanted to go a caramel color lol stupid me I dyed my own hair with box dye a blonde color and my hair turned bright red. So what I then did was dyed my hair a dark brown and bleached my ends. For an ombré look. It looked nice, but now my ends are breaking like hell. Now my hair at the top is now turning red again because the brown is fading out. So now I wanna get my hair cut and colored back to normal. So which brown would take the red tones out ? I only use Garnier Nutrisse hair color. I am not going to a salon to get my hair colored. Thank you in advanced. I am also never going to bleach my hair again. So that is

Will a shampoo for red hair mess up my purple streak?

Right now I have black hair (that is really faded and in need of a re-dye) and in the front of my hair I have a large purple streak (done with Special Effects Pimpin' Purple it's got a beautiful fuchsia/magenta tone to it.) But since my black has almost completely faded I am planning on re-dying it. However, I think I've decided on going the red route like I used to have. But red is notorious for fading and I've not had a good experience with it before. In less than 2 weeks it's noticeably faded and in about 3-4 weeks the red is completely gone leaving me with a very golden strawberry blonde color instead (it's lovely...but I don't want strawberry blonde right now!) So, I'm thinking of buying a shampoo specifically for red hair. The only problem is I want to keep my purple streak (I plan on dying around it) but I'm worried the shampoo for red hair might mess with it. Will it? Because I really don't want the purple shade to change any! So, is it safe to wash over that streak