Questions About mezzo soprano broadway songs

What are some good mezzo-soprano songs from Broadway?

I'm looking to audition for some musical theatre productions this spring and I need to have two contrasting pieces from musical theatre. I'm considering either On My Own (from Les Miserables) or What I Did for Love (from A Chorus Line) for a slower, more heartfelt song, and I'd like something in the typical mezzo-soprano range that's a little faster and either happy or intense. Please no duets or group song suggestions; as much as I love Seasons of Love, I'll be auditioning solo.

What are some good Italian arias for the contralto or mezzo-soprano?

Preferably something easy to learn. I'm considering auditioning for an opera chorus in a week or two. I have plenty of experience as a choral alto (mainly church choirs). It's the New York City Opera, looking for adult African-American singers for a new opera called Margaret Garner, set in slavery times. They want auditioners to sing an Italian aria and an English-language aria or folk tune. I could do the Shepherd Boy's Song from Act III of Tosca, but I want some more ideas. Thanks! I've taken a few singing lessons, but I couldn't really call myself a trained singer. I've sung the vamp role ("Turn Back, O Man") in Godspell Off-Off-Broadway, and performed in choruses of community theater musicals. I have done a little solo work in church. I've sung first alto in choir. I'm probably more contralto than mezzo-soprano, though I've been told I could sing mezzo.

What is a good Broadway female duet song for a low alto and mezzo soprano?

As high school teenagers we need a good solid duet that we can do at our district/state competitions. I am an alto. A low alto, where you could say that most of my range is similar to a guys tenor. My friend is an average mezzo soprano. We have been looking at songs like Macavity the Mystery Cat from "Cats" or All for the Best from "Godspell" bit we need a couple extra opinions and choices.

Pop/rock Broadway songs...?

In theatre we have to put together a portfolio with twenty monologues and five pieces with sheet music for college musical theatre auditions. (I'm in high school.) I've decided on using six songs, (three soprano, three mezzo-soprano ; three ballads, three up-tempo). suggests having one song from these queries: contemporary, comedic, early Broadway, easy piano, operatic, and pop/rock. I have chosen songs depending on what best suits my voice, which I have gone over with my voice teacher and theatre teacher's assistant. I've also looked at every selection from the Singer's Anthology for both Sopranos and Mezzo-sopranos...not a lot has "spoken" to me. I have a strong operatic soprano voice, with a very flexible mezzo-soprano range. I need: * 2 mezzo-soprano songs * both up-tempo * 1 pop/rock style * 1 easy piano for dummy accompanist Any suggestions? Please no Wicked, RENT, or Grease...way too overdone. :o) Also, I am contemplating "You'll Never Walk Alone" fr

Broadway Songs to Show Off a Mezzo Range?

I'm auditioning for a performing arts school, and I need to demonstrate my range and sing with emotion and expression. I am a Mezzo Soprano but can also go a bit lower than a typical Mezzo as well. Songs I were thinking of were I'm A Beast from Daddy Long Legs, or Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm from How To Succeed. I can only sing 16-30 bars of music and I really want to WOW the judges! Please and thank you!