Questions About Midway Stadium

Seat backs with no spine! Why?

Why are chairs so uncomfortable? I mean the less-expensive corporate type, like you might find in an American meeting room or new-style classroom. There's only negligible support when you lean back! I understand why the rounded edges of the new chairs dig into my thighs, 'cause I'm a big guy and maybe the average person only needs a smaller seat... but why is the back flexible? Fiddling with the controls, adjustments can be made in various levels and angles, but locking the back into postion doesn't seem to be an option. And a classroom I know has seat-desks with midway hinges on either side of the seatback, left and right of the hole -- in other words, leaning back is impossible, no spine support (unless you recline all the way, like you're almost horizontal). And now at the stadium-seating theater at the multiplex, same deal, bouncy seat backs, all, where it used to be every other row. What's going on? Does an ergonomic theory claim a fixed seat-back is detrimental?

One of my best fantasy baseball teams ever?

I think this team is one of my best ever. What do you guys think? I asked this earlier and got a lot of "well you have a lot of injury concerns" wtf? I don't see that many injury concerns on this team, Kinsler maybe, but no one else as important. 10 team league. Standard scoring except AVG is replaced by OBP. C - Matt Wieters (Great catcher, especially since he's underrated.) 1B - Albert Pujols (Top 1B in the league) 2B - Ian Kinsler (Only 30/30 hitter last year, will be traded midway through the season) 3B - Ryan Zimmerman (One of the top 3B last year, does a bit of everything.) SS - Jason Bartlett (.389 OBP, 30 SB, 14 HR.. What doesn't he do? Considering I lost Zobrist I wouldn't consider Bartlett a terrible replacement.) OF - Carl Crawford (60 SB, 15 HR, well rounded.) OF - Adam Lind (35 HR, 114 RBI in his first full season.. He's only 26) OF - Jason Kubel (28 HR, 103 RBI, great power player.) OF - Michael Cuddyer (32 HR, 94 RBI, 93 R ... What's not to like about him either?) OF -