Questions About minecraft free play without download

How to play minecraft?

I want to play minecraft, but i know nothing. First of all, i have a couple of questions. 1. Is it free? Can i play on my computer? Can I play without downloading; and will it hurt my computer, is it safe? 2. How do I play, how do I create? I watched a couple of videos, but it seems like it's really difficult. PLEASE a minecraft pro or somebody help me :( Thank you! :)

downloaded minecraft?

i live in U.K. and im a 14 year old female, ive always wanted to get minecraft cause i played the demo and it was kinda intresting so today id thought id downoad it and my dad was gunna type his credit card details in and i was gunna re-pay him cause im not old enough for a credit card. So i downloaded the full version and it just worked without me paying for anything? when i log in it says login failed and then i click play offline and i get to play offline for free, is that normal?? i was gunna play my friend on it too, do i need to be online for this, i dont know how to do that? im so confused, i downloaded minecraft and playing offline? how do i get online? do i need to pay? how do i pay?

Minecraft download question?

I have a mac book pro with retina and pretty much I downloaded minecraft down but didn't but the game. So when it ask for me to log in I just click on the play offline option instead. I wasn't sure if this was just a free mode I could play without the benefit of playing online since I never bought it? Is it safe to use I played a bit on creative mode and it runs fine

Free Minecraft account?

I have been playing a cracked version of minecraft since beta 1.5 but lots of my friends play online on there own server and I really want to play with them but my mum wont let me get the full online version of the game. I know gives away free accounts but the survey to download the list wont work for me. Could someone please give me an account or give me a website that gives free accounts without having to do a survey. If you are generously giving me a free account please email me it at so no one else steals it

How to set up a minecraft server for four people. No downloads, and free?

Me, and around three other people want to set up a server we can all play on privatly. I'm not up for spending 40 dollars a month for just four people playing. Can I get one for free WITHOUT downloading any third-party software? I don't mind downloading things like Java. If anyone has a SMALL server I could play on that would be really amazing...If you do I;m only really looking for one with a limit of 10 people, or yes. Perferably private/invite only? Best instructions, or best private server gets my best answer. ------------------- PS: What program do you make your own skins on?