Questions About monsters inc boo doll

what does talking boo really say?

off the movies monsters inc., the talking boo doll...some things she says whne you push her stomach you cnat understand the exact words....liek the song she sings from the scene where she is in the bathroom... she says: Kitty mike wisonski hahaha.ahaha hehe "the song from the bathroom and something else. i want to so the exact words from the song she sings in the bathroom?? and the other phrase she says if you no.?

Why is Disney so good with secrets or better known as "easter eggs"?

How does Disney put in so good secrets? Like for example: Monsters Inc (2002) Finding Nemo (2004) In one scene of Monsters Inc, Boo (the little girl) hands Sully (the big blue creature) a Jesse doll (Toy Story), the ball with a star on it, and a NEMO FISH. Then in one Toy Story scene (the most famous) Buzz is carrying Woody over the blue van and when they pass a house, you can see a Wall-E in the back. Wall-E came out in 08 though. How is Disney so good with these easter eggs?