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How do you hide the cables on a wall mount shelf for TV components?

I used to have a wall mounted flat screen TV with a wall mounted shelf for the components. It's two glass shelves. It was taken down over a year ago, and I've decided to put it back up. It's mounted back on the wall, however, we can't figure out how we are supposed to hide the cables. The top and the bottom have large covers that snap over the system, but there doesn't appear to be any way to run the cables down the front or anyway to retreive them from the back. any help or suggestions?

Breathing some life back into a CD changer.

I have a 12-disc CD changer mounted in the trunk of my aging car, and it's starting to fail. It refuses to recognize about half of the CDs put into it, and will frequently decide that a given CD is unacceptable at a track transition. It's also a lot more skip-prone than it used to be [exposition inside]. Here's the thing: since the car is well into its golden years, I don't want to put any money into the stereo. I've noticed that every CD player I've ever owned has behaved the exact same way when they crap out; this has me wondering if there's anything a reasonably tech-comfortable user can do to breathe some life back into the player. And as a bonus question, why do CD players always fail by refusing to recognize discs?

Locally mounting physical Mac OS X drives/volumes in a Windows machine?

Locally mounting physical Mac OS X drives/volumes in a Windows machine? For a number of nearly inexplicable reasons, I need to mount a OS X formatted drive in a Windows 98 box to back up most of a 40g HD. The Mac it came from is a usb 1.1 box. USB is erroring constantly, FireWire seems to be nonfunctional with my FW enclosures. If I had the time I would put it on the LAN and let it all trickle over during the next few days, but the computer has to be back where it came from tommorow. For all my efforts, my desk and workspace looks something like this a the moment - with an additional three computers strewn about and not a small number of screws. Despite a small amount of non-figurative or metaphorical blood, the drive from that monstrosity of engineering is ready to go, save for that pesky file system compatibility issue. There's this software, but their trial download seems like it might be broken. (on multiple machines, patched and updated, one a fresh insta

All I want is my music back.

Partition Magic Tragic destroyed a partition on my hard drive, is there anyway to get the data off of it? Months ago, I migrated from Windows XP to Linux. Using Partition Magic, I created separate partitions to dual boot my computer. I fell in love with Linux and have been using it ever since. Unfortunately, my large MP3 collection was still on the Windows NTFS partition and new music I added was in a separate directory on my Linux partition, it was time to consolidate. I had been accessing the NTFS partition as read-only through Linux to play the music as to not foul the NTFS partition. Today I decided to "clean house" on my computer and make a separate partition for my music. While resizing my Windows partition to have a 35GB partition (The total amount of free space available), Partition Magic threw up an error stating that a file size was too large (I don't have any files over 1GB as far as I know). The computer rebooted and when I try to get bac

Car Mounted Water Cannon

I'm building a water cannon that shoots out from the grill of my car. Range is lacking, and I (probably) don't have the funds for a more powerful pump. I need a better nozzle, possibly one utilizing a blowoff valve to build pressure. Advise. Here's what I have to work with: I'm powering the cannon with a 7 PSI carburetor fuel pump, which fits to 3/8 in. hose. I ran wiring thru the firewall and tore into my center console to affix an awesome red push button trigger below the center arm rest so that the passenger (or driver) can casually crook a finger and fire the cannon. For the hell of it, an orange LED on the dash lights up during firing unless the fuse is blown. The jet fires out of the center of my grill. Everything is installed at this point, but the jet only shoots about 12 feet! We were hoping for more like 30 feet, although I didn't bother with calculations when I started throwing this together. The nozzle is makeshift - just the nozzle from a windex spra

Why won't my USB hard drive stay mounted without constant disk access?

My USB2 hard drive will only stay mounted if I keep accessing it. If I don't, within 5 hours or fewer, I can't access files on the drive or even do a directory listing. I can then unmount the HD, power cycle it, and it will mount again as if nothing had happened. If I keep accessing the disk, say by continuously playing an MP3 mix on it, the disk acts completely normal: uptime now (with MP3s playing) is something like 20 hours without the shadow of a problem. The PC connected to the HD is a Linux box (Great Quality computer from Fry's; only previous hardware problem was crib death of the internal, non-USB hard disk). Software is Knoppix 4.0 plus infrequent upgrades. I used to have an Iomega 250GB USB hard disk (ext3 file system) on one of the USB 2.0 ports on the PC. That disk recently crashed. I bought a new 250GB drive from Western Digital, ran disk recovery software on the old drive, and copied the files over to the new disk (FAT32 this time). Norton shows no pro

Mounting a paperback book in a shadow box frame?

How can I mount a paperback book in a shadow box frame so that the book doesn't sag? I've got a large paperback book that I'd like to mount in a shadow box type picture frame. The shadow box is slightly bigger than the book with ~ 5/8" border between the frame inside edges and the book outside edges all the way around. The frame is deep enough that the front of the book does not touch the front of the glass if it is set on the frame back. I don't want any matting as I'd like the spine of the book to be visible. I'd also prefer to avoid doing anything permanent to the book that would preclude removing it from the frame sometime in the future and reading it (like gluing the pages together). However, it's more important to me to have the book hanging on the wall than to preserve its readibility. It's not a rare book so the value is not a concern.

Simple process for backing up all files on a Macbook running OS X 10.4

I need a simple way to backup the contents of my girlfriend's Macbook hard drive. The Macbook is running OS X 10.4.11 - Tiger

I don't need to be able to restore the entire OS Install. I just need to make sure that I can get access to saved files. I don't want to hunt through my hard drive now to find all the things that might be important later.

I plan to back up to to an external hard drive.

Can I follow the instructions for backing up using Disk Utility? (Even though I'm using 10.4):

Once the backup is complete, will I be able to easily mount the backup image to access files without restoring the entire thing back to the Macbook's internal hard drive?

Is there another (simpler) way to do it?

Mounting LGA1366 Xeon w3680 on a motherboard

I am putting a home server/workstation together and am having a hard time mounting a Xeon W3680 onto a Supermicro MBD-X8DTH-6F-O board. Its the first time in a good 10 years that I assemble a machine from parts, and this problem has totally got me by surprise.

The root of the problem is that the stock cooling the Xeon shipped with uses a screw-less mounting system, but the motherboard I have uses screws. I see no way to remove the screw holes (and X assembly on the back of the board) and so I wonder whether I should buy cooling that uses such a screw assembly, and if yes, which cooling set should I get? From my searching, it looks like most of the cooling assemblies use this new style of mounting. Any pointers?

The mount on the board:

The mount on the board

The base of the cooler itself:

The base of the cooler itself

Unable to mount VirtualBox share with Linux host and Windows guest

I am running Linux Mint 12 and have installed the latest version of VirtualBox. I have installed Windows 7 as a guest. I have also created a share with the name share. I attempted to run the command sudo mount -t vboxsf share /media/virtualshare however get the error /sbin/mount.vboxsf: mounting failed with the error: No such device.

I then ran the command sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/updates/vboxsf.ko however got the error insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/updates/vboxsf.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module.

I also ran the command sudo modprobe vboxsf and sudo modprobe vboxvsf. and was displayed the error FATAL: Error inserting vboxsf (/lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/updates/vboxsf.ko): No such device

What am I doing wrong?


I have also installed the VirtualBox Guest additions.