Questions About Netlimiter

How to blacklist IPs on Windows 7?

I'm trying to find something similar to iptables in Linux for Windows. I've tried using Windows firewall as well as editing the host file to block specific IPs, but had no success. I've also tried using WIPFW, but it wouldn't even install.. I was able to to use NetLimiter 3 to limit my connection speed to the specific IPs but whenever I setup a filter to block the IPs, those IPs can still connect.

I don't want a hardware firewall or router nor do I want a heavy duty firewall program. Ideally it would be a service that simply lets me add IP addresses and ranges and allows me to block / allow, incoming and/or outgoing connections. A GUI isn't even needed.


Logging individual application network usage in Windows 7

There are many answers here detailing programs that will monitor and log internet usage for a pc, but I need that usage to be logged and broken down, detailing which applications consumed that data.

I've noted there are several that give a real-time feed of each application's data usage (NetLimiter, Win7 Resource Monitor), but I can't find one that will log such data.

Anyone know of one? Need to track down which program is using up a friend's bandwidth!

Best Wireless ADSL2 Router with QOS

Best Wireless ADSL2 Router with QOS I want to control the bandwidth that I'm sharing wirelessly with another computer. I use NetLimiter on my pc, and very easily I can control the the amount of bandwidth each program is using. Image of what I do here: I would like to be able to do the same with the PC I'm sharing with ie give them 10% or 512/128 in bandwidth. Also, as I'm sharing wirelessly, I would like to know if anyone else is using my network. I'm presently using WPA-PSK. But it would be nice to see if anyone else is trying to use my broadband. thanks