Questions About North King County

Appealing a Property Tax Assessment - need advice in King County WA

Property Tax filter: In August I bought a house in King County WA. The county's assessment of the property is very high. I would like to appeal for a review of the assessment. The desired result is a lower tax bill. I would be grateful for any strategy or advice. Details: - The house is in the City of Shoreline, WA (north of Seattle). - The August 2009 sale price of the property was over $200k less than the 2009 assessed value, and $40k less than the 2010 assessed value. - The bank's appraisal, done prior to sale, estimated the value as just slightly higher than the actual sale price. - House and yard are in good clean condition. - The County's "parcel viewer" assessor information database states that the house has 4 bathrooms. Not true. It has 2 full baths, 1 half bath, and 1 water closet without sink. There is also a "roughed in" bathroom without any fixtures. - The assessor database states that we have half a

Landline in Seattle?

Do I need a landline? Do they still exist in Seattle? After years of having just cell phones, I think it's time to go back to having a landline as well. In order of importance, this is why I would need one: 1. For my kids to use 2. In case an earthquake or other disaster knocks out cell service 3. For when I need to actually hear the person on the other end (cell reception is lousy in my house) 4. For my steam-powered Tivo to call the mothership For all these qualities, especially #2, I think I need an old fashioned telephone. Is this right? If so, does anybody know of a phone company in the Seattle / North King County area that provides real, not VoIP phone service?

Are there any tall clothing shops in Seattle?

I'm looking for tall clothing stores in the Seattle area (preferably the eastside, north king county, or Snohomish county). I've already been to Casual Male XL and they don't really carry tall stuff. They cater more towards 'out' instead of 'up' if you understand what I mean. I want a store that specializes in tall clothes, or at least has a larger variety. See I'm 18 years old 6'11" and 280 lbs so I don't get to take shopping for stuff for granted like some people. I can't just go to a store and get clothes. I wear a size 17 shoe so that doesn't help. So yeah If you're familiar with any, or have any ideas I'd great appreciate them. Thanks!

Get out of a Carpool Lane violation ticket?

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington So this is what happened to me: After suffering from the stomach flu for 3 days, I finally ventured forth from my house and was driving on I-405 North from Renton to Kirkland. I was driving 1 lane to the right of the carpool lane, when I suddenly felt violently ill (as in, I was about to throw up. There was a carpool lane exit for downtown Bellevue directly to my left, so I immediately pulled into it and exited, hoping to pull over before vomiting inside my car. There was a cop waiting at the turn right off the exit ramp, and he pulled me over for driving alone in a carpool lane. Is there ANY way I could fight this in court? I know I'm guilty, but is there any chance of my case being dismissed if I check "not guilty" on the ticket and explain the circumstances in court? Also, how do you qualify for a deferral? and if you receive one, does the ticket eventually go on your driving record, or is it put off indefinitel

Breakdown in Seattle Neighborhoods?

Hey everyone, My first post got some awesome responses, but not all the questions were answered (understandably). I was hoping that some people could toss in their own perspectives without being too bias on the residential neighborhoods of Seattle. I'm a 22 year old college grad, with about 4 years experience in the IT field, so an expensive apartment is out. Ideally, I would like to spend 600-1000 dependent on area and average job salary on a decent place. Can anyone please tell me the differences and their reasoning behind the neighborhoods of Seattle? People say to stay north of King's counties, but why? Any other insights would be appreciated, but please try to keep it as unbias as possible. Also, has anyone had success finding roommates using I would love to know before paying to use it. Thanks in advance for any help.

ZAP brought up a good point. Name me one successful person who was home-schooled. How's this?

FAMOUS HOMESCHOOLERS Constitutional Convention Delegates Richard Basseti - Governor of Delaware William Blount - U.S. Senator George Clymer - U.S. Representative William Few - U.S. Senator Benjamin Franklin - Inventor and Statesman William Houston - Lawyer William S. Johnson - President of Columbia College William Livingston - Governor of New Jersey James Madison - 4th President of the U.S. George Mason - Justice of Virginia County Court John Francis Mercer - U.S. Representative Charles Pickney III - Governor of S. Carolina John Rutledge - Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court Richard D. Spaight - Governor of North Carolina George Washington - 1st President of the U.S. John Witherspoon - President of Princeton University George Wythe - Justice of Virginia High Court Presidents John Adams John Quincy Adams Grover Cleveland James Garfield William Henry Harrison Andrew Jackson Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln James Madison Franklin Delano Roosevelt Theodore Roosev

Dare for U of K Legends?

County, Kentucky Bickerstaff, Bernie Birth Year : 1944 Bernie Bickerstaff was born in Benham, Kentucky. At the age of 25, he was head coach at the University of San Diego, at the time, Bickerstaff was the youngest college coach in the U.S. He went on to become the youngest assistant coach in NBA history when he joined the Washington Bullets [now Washington Wizards] at the age of 29. From 1985-1990, Bickerstaff was head coach of the Seattle SuperSonics; he was the first African American from Kentucky to be named a head coach in the NBA [the second was Wes Unseld and the third was Dwane Casey]. Bickerstaff was pesident and general manager of the Denver Nuggets from 1990-1997. In 2004, Bickerstaff was named general manager of the NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats, he was the teams first coach and returned as the head coach for the 2006-2007 season. Bikerstaff ranks 33rd on the NBA's winningest coaches list. Bernie Bickerstaff Boulevard in Benham, KY, is named in his honor. For more see W

What do U think of these lastest arrests & the amount of fruad involved Illegals try to bribe DMV?

Three Hispanics believed to be here illegally face charges of bribing a Gaston County driver license examiner with $300 to get a driver’s license, according to arrest warrants and affidavits. DMV inspectors arrested Claudia Morales Rodriguez, 29, and Alfredo Lopez Hernandez, 29, both of Gastonia, and Juan Alberto Goddy Vasquez, 37, of Kings Mountain on charges of attempting to bribe a state driver license examiner to obtain a driver’s license. All three are believed to be in the country illegally, according to the DMV. They were placed in Gaston County Jail under $10,000 bonds Monday. Their release remains on hold by Immigration and Customs Enforcement pending a review of their immigration status, according to Gaston County Sheriff's Office. The arrests stem from an investigation of a document lab that had equipment and materials to manufacture counterfeit resident alien cards, Social Security cards, birth certificates and driver licenses from six states, according to a release from