Questions About North Korean Government

Two practical questions about North Korea.

Two related questions about North Korea: (1) Can anyone point me to a distributor, collector, or other source of North Korean films, either on DVD/VHS or (ideally) on film? (2) How would I go about directing a letter there? I am looking into programming a series of North Korea films for my University film society. Though I know of at least one source of North Korean movies on video, it would be vastly preferable to find some on film - part of our mission is to present things on film whenever possible. If anyone has any ideas on where to find some, I'd be tremendously grateful. Information about any other DVD/video sources would also be really helpful. As part of my attempt, I'd also like to try writing a letter to the North Korean government (or maybe some other entity - I need to do some research) asking about any films they might be willing to let us show. Kim Jong-il is said to be a big cinephile (he even wrote a treatise - pdf on cinema and directin

Why North Korea is making empty* threats? If nobody listens, wouldn't that be detrimental to their self image of "militarily" superior nation?

I know they have nuke and they have ability to use it, but they wouldn't escalate to mutual destruction, because nobody listened to their rant. I fail to see the point of making empty* threat, which will further discredit the legitimacy of North Korean government to deliver any of its prom…

How true are these stories about north korea?

You often hear these stories coming out of north korea of deplorable conditions, extreme mistreatment of the citizens, and outrageous indoctrination (i just read an article about how elementary school children are indoctrinated to hate the US with every fiber of their being, and to accept no forgiveness, or show mercy). But to be honest, all these claims look outright rediculous, infact ironnically all the anti-NK news you see looks a lot like the anti-US propaganda north korea is supposedly flooding its own citizens with. How much of it is actually true? Is all this news in the united states about north korea just propaganda? A bunch of lies to try and get americans to want to destroy the north korean government? I've obviously never been to north korea, I dont know firsthand what its like there. Right now, the only thing I'm willing to believe is the trigger-happiness of north korea's leaders (like the recent report that they claim to throw nukes at us, for target practice) and to

If North Koreans start a revolution and manage to overthrow their government, would you go help upgrade?

After seeing articles about some North Koreans starting riots, I started thinking about what would happen if they were ever successful. Of course there are a lot of "what ifs" like, what if the U.S. got involved... but assuming citizens were able to take control, would you travel there to help rebu…

There's a North Korean restaurant near my house, run by the NK government, would you go, if so why or why not? There's not many in the world, perhaps only six out with NK and the border with China. One part of me warns to go and see what it's like. It has a ban on any cameras and it's staff are North Korean. It provides "an authentic NK dining exp…

What goes through the minds of North Korean children?

All I know about them is that many are starving, and many are made to go through rigorous training just so they can put up spectacular performances - a march or a dance of sorts - some form of a facade. Education, if I am not wrong, is compulsory - they sing patriotic songs and learn about the greatness of their Leader and the System. As for entertainment , probably all the programmes they have ever had on TV since they were babies are government-created programmes made to glorify. With no exposure to the outside world, how do they feel about their lives and their country? They would likely feel deeply the suffering in their 'People's Paradise', but would they see the brainwashing and injustice behind it, or would they blithely accept it as a part of life? What do their parents tell them? Their parents would know the difference between what is 'paradise' and what isn't. On top of that, there are so many people keen on escaping the country and its regime. Surely some of the children w

Is Kim Jong-un just a puppet being used by the North Korean military/government as a necessary "face" in propaganda and their media? Is there a possibility that he is kept in the dark about everything the military does and do you think he actually ha

So there have been many pictures of Kim Jong-un's "public appearances" and it seems like he is always herded around by military and government officials. I have been wondering if he may just be a means to an end for the intelligence agencies and government there. I have done very little research in…