Questions About Notary Class

California notary public and real estate broker licensee?

I have an active CA real estate broker license, and just got my notary public commission. I plan to also work as a loan signing agent. A title officer told me that I can't be working as both at the same time. She said that some new legislation just came out. I have never heard about it, nor did my notary class teacher mentioned it. Please anyone heard of it?? Is this true? Thank you!

What does it take to be a Transaction Coordinator for a Real Estate Office?

I have worked in the Banking industry for years (Retail Banking, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Home Loans and now Leadership training of Bank Managers) and would like to get into my own buisness as a Transaction Coordinator. I was going to get my notary and take a Real Estate class but I am not sure if that is needed. I heard that someone HAS to train you for the postion. Any classes?

Can i start a business without it affecting my taxes?

I am a notary public and am just beginning to take classes to be able to transfer titles. I would like to open my own small business some where and stay employed part time. I also have two kids who i usually receive tax credits from and then put the money in a college fund. I am not really sure how it would work out if i opened my own business and i know i wouldn't be able to pay in. So could i open a llc or corporation?

Becoming a life and health insurance agent?

I am thinking about getting into insurance selling business. I live in the state of michigan I also have alot of questions such as: after I get my license and start working what can I expect? Is it competitive like the Real estate business? Is it strictly commision based? I am 21 female with a very friendly, easy going personality. Will that be a good or bad contribution to the job? Does the money usually make all your effors worth it? The company I contacted told me to call kaplan financial to get licensed. Kaplan said that I would need to pay around 200 something to take the classes. I am a little apprehensive, because I see alot of places that are capitalizing on the desperate need of people to find jobs. I cant think of anything more at the moment but if there is anything that a working professional can tell me more about this field I would really appreciate it. I also plan on getting my notary and real estate as well as loan agent license after this.

Annexure K for separated individuals for Indian passport?

I need to get my passport renewed, As per the Indian passport requirements I need to submit an affidavit based on the format given in Annexure K since I am separated from my husband (not officially divorced). The requirement mentions that the affidavit should be signed by a "First Class Judicial Magistrate". Now it is not so easy to get hold of a magistrate so my question is can I get it signed by a notary? Normally notaries are authorized to sign affidavits. Will the passport office accept it? Has anyone done so personally?