Questions About Office Of Business Services

Use IoC with old web service project

I got an old (2008) three layered back office system:

  • Web service layer; asmx type web services. Probably made from the "ASP.NET Web Service Application"- template
  • Business layer; I don't want to touch this.
  • Data layer; A mess. All sorts of data access.

My goal is to clean up this, write some unit tests etc.

For a start; Is it possible to add an IoC-container. Where should it initialized? The project is currently running on .NET Framework 3.5.


What is needed to convert 2003 Micorosft Office Windows XP Small Business Edition to work on Windows Vista?

I have 3 lap tops 2 of them have 2003 Windows XP Professional Edition including Service Pack 2. They are both Dell inspirions notebooks. My 3rd Laptop is a Compaq Persario wich has Windows Vista installed. I would really like to be able to install my Microsoft Office Small Business Edtion 2003 program on my Windows Vista, but it is only compatible or requires that the operating system be either Windows. Windows XP Home or Professional edition or Windows 2000 edition. Is there any possible way to convert this program, being the Micorosift office 2003 program to run on Windows Vista? Thanks for any help or suggestions that you may have.

What is a professional way to announce new business address and phone, like form post cards?

I want to find either something I can do myself (mass print on inkjet at office) or a service that can ECONOMICALLY do this for me. I could use a form letter but I do not know where to find one. And I need to do this quickly! I have been using various temporary contact numbers and PMB for several months now and this is hurting my clients and my future business.

Small business contacts sharing across machines-- is Plaxo the answer?

Small business contacts sharing across machines-- is Plaxo the answer? (MI) I know this question has been asked in part before, but I need some clarification (and updated opinions). I need to recommend a solution to some prospective employers. With three people on 4 machines, they need essentially what Plaxo offers-- contacts sharing and synching-- even when out of the office. The updating part of Plaxo has been described as interesting , annoying, or even evil, but it's not the most important feature in my particular case. I should note that most of the complaints I've read are about a year old (in fact, newer articles give it a little more credit), and Plaxo now claims an updated privacy policy. What is your opinion on/ experience with Plaxo? Can you recommend any other services that allow contacts sharing (using Outlook) between machines (and that don't require Exchange Server) that I should also check out? (And yes, I've googled, but I'm looking for recom

Buying a vehicle for business as a business.

Buying a vehicle for business as a business. Should I or shouldn't I? I have a one-person consulting and service-oriented S-corporation. Up until recently I rarely had to actually travel to a client(s) office. Over the last year or so, it seems like my new clients need to have more real face-time. That’s not the problem. The problem is that I end up having to use my personal vehicle to do the traveling. I don’t do much traveling for my private life, so about 70% of the miles I’m putting on my personal vehicle are actually business-related. I track all the miles and do the personal and business deductions at the end of the year. However, repairs and maintenance and insurance are being paid out of my personal funds, for what in essence is a business vehicle. As the officer of the S-corp, I am considering having the business buy its own car. Partially because I don’t want to drive my personal vehicle into the ground, partially to keep everything separate,

Securely Network two Windows XP Computers for Small Business, POS involved

Help me help a friend's business getting his network and Microsoft Retail management system up and running. A fairly straightforward set-up: two Windows XP Pro machines The Microsoft Retail Management System software Just need the two computers to be connected, the back-office computer will host the database so I understand (from the RMS Guide) the firewall settings must be adjusted to connect to the server and database. We will use MSDE 2000 (or 2003?) whichever came with the RMS package. Honestly, the biggest concern is networking the two computers and making sure the security is sufficient to operation a one POS computer/register. There will be two of us working on the task to have enough expertise to get it rolling, but we want to make sure we don't overlook anything. We are not doing anything with the merchant services aspect right now. We are doing this for free so know that your advice is not being capitalized. Any input is app