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Questons and predictions that baseball fans HAVE to see.?

Ok, first one do you think Barry Zito will choke with the Giants? With the salary hes getting and the years the giants are going to expect everything from this guy. And renemgber hes olny 28 so it may be tough. Also do you think the Mets have a shot? There pitching rotation sucks, its all fulll of sucky rookies and people with 400 eras, sure there lineup is great but look at the rotation......... What sucky team do you think will have the best shot at making the playoffs? I think the Cubs because they got Alfanso ( Although it was over priced) And they have more pitching so they dont have to put pressure on Carlos Zambrono And the oldies, and they got Lou Pennila (Great)! Next one do you think the Red Sox will accutly have a shot at winning this season? And do you think that Jappenise guy will be a hit there? And do you think Sammy Sosa will be good with the O's this season? After resting it out. And what team do you predict will be in last place this year? ( I think the Natinols)

can you use John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray and still get highlights?

i know a while ago my mom told me not to use that Sun-in stuff because you cant get highlights after it for three months or something. but is that the same with this product? would it be too damaging since it has hydrogen peroxide? i dont wanna get my hair highlighted and have it just fall out instead, lol. i olny use it on the roots...not the ends. if that makes a difference.

can unemployment fraud of ohio state attorney General take your federal tax return?

I owe ohio state attorney General money for a unemployment fraud over payment. Can they take my federal tax return? This is from 2011 when this happen. They took my state taxes last year. Can they do anything else? To put a lien on something don't you have go court? can unemployment ohio state attorney General take your federal tax return? Can't they olny take state taxes?

Can you give me any info on the parks in Orlando? Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Disney Hollywood ?

I was thinking about getting a package of 7 day magic your way tickets to choice of, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Disney Hollywood Studios. I heard wonderful things about Magic Kingdom but I have heard nothing on the rest. Can you please tell me if it is worth going to the other parks? I just found out the prices for a 3 day ticket and a 7 day ticket are olny a few dollars difference. Please let me know what you think. I have never been to Orlando. Thank you.

How do you buy a car from the salvation army?

We need a second car for both my husband and I to drop our kids off at daycare and go to work. We figured out our bills and can olny aford the insurance on another car, not another car payment. I have heard that people donate their cars to the salvation army and was wondering who they sell them to and what I need to do to buy one. Or if anyone in the lansing mi area that has a cheap, good running one for sale, I would be willing to look at it.

How many more 20 something Liberal Democrat males will commit mass murder before we make stricter laws to?

regulate and control them ? Jared Laughner Lib James Holmes Lib Jacob Roberts Lib Adam Lanza ,,,,,,,,, probably Lib @ Billy , by reading . After Jared Laughner was accused of being a " Right Winger " and it was later proven that not olny was he a big fan of Gabby Giffords but also a registered Democrat I have been quite curious to know what party these guys are in. To soon to know about Lanza but I'd bet you 10 : 1 hes a lib .

Please help asap i got more hairy from shaving?

I used to just have a little hair (I'm a man) but now I have medium hair and I wish I never shaved but I wanted to have no hair.they say shaving doesn't make you more hairy but after a lot of shaves I noticed I was getting a little bit hairer each time it was not enough to matter but one time it grew back significantly and I stopped shaving after that. It took 3 years of shaving to get more hairy starting from age 19 to 21 and it is NOT puberty or AGING or MEDICATION or a DISEASE it was from shaving because I olny saw it grow more hairs after shaving it never grew if I didn't shave.I had a theory that my hairs were blonde from sunbathing for years and that I couuldnt see them and when I'm shaving they grow back black since I'm dark haired but that doesn't explain the area of my body under the bathing shorts since I don't tan naked and the area under my bathing shorts had a very little bit of black hair before I was shaving so sun did not go through my shorts turning those hairs blonde.

I Feel horrified I cant even drink water anymore is spring water any better or to I have to die of dehydration?

I just found ot that my brita and pur filters do not remove the things that concern me. I do not want to drink fluoride for my own reasons, I won't spoil tap water for people that don't know about it, but for those of you that do here is my question: Can I drink spring water or is that fluorinated aswell, and also I know that we can take in alot of toxins from skin absorbtion, so what other ways can I avoid flouride pesticides and harsh chemicals. I haven't been drinking water lately, Ive just been eating alot of organic fruit but I know that I can olny do that for so long. if they water the fruit with flouride water then would the fruit's juice be made up of the chemicals or do plants fliter out fluride, i know they do not filter pesticide but pass it on to us. I will be drinking water again.I found drinking water called buhl, and they don't add chemials to it plus i can get it locally. it seems very safe and comes from an aquifer. I never realized that I could have a phobia I alway

The drawing on the wall before entering the library the hand is it showing the middle finger?

Ok i was watching the Amazing World of Gumball with my sister (love that show) in the episode (The Club) before all of the characters enter through the door there is a drawing on the wall of a face with it hand showing a finger . I put pause to see it carefully but still unsure in wanted to know in the if it was the middle finger because the finger seems to be in the middle of the hand and its the olny one showing. Because it is weird that they would show that on a kids show.

are special effects/prosthetic makeup artists in demand?

i really want to do the make up for horror movies i practice on freinds all the time and everyone says i do a really good job i told my parents i wanted to try to do it for a living at least for a few years i was just curious how in demand they are i know there are special schools you can go to but so far the olny one ive found is in la its cinema makeup i kinda didint want to leave texas or if i do have to leave texas i really didint want to go to la i heard there was one in orlando florida