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Things to do and see in Finland

I'm going to be in Helsinki next weekend, and in Turku for an afternoon. However, the only guide book I can find for the city is from 2006. Any recommendations on interesting thigns to see and cheap places to eat? - Neither of us speak Finnish. - We are happy wandering round taking pictures and aren't planning to drink much due to Finnish alcohol being expensive. I don't know much at all about Helsinki so not sure where to start! - Some recommendations for small, portable souvenirs would be good - any tasty food or interesting trinkets? I already plan on picking up a Moomin. I am a sewer/crocheter and my partner is a boardgamer, if that helps. - My partner is allergic to peanuts, chickpeas, and most legumes - will this prove much of an issue? In London, we don't eat in curry or vegan places for this reason. - We are staying in an Omenahotelli, fairly central, and will be travelling to Stockholm via Turku on the Monday. What can one do in Turku for an afternoon?