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Snow Days?

Do you snowday? Having grown up in the desert, I'm always thrilled, as a school teacher, to be given a snowday by my adopted high-altitude hometown. If your community occasionally does likewise, what's the protocol? How much snow must fall? Are there other variables that come into play? For folks in perpetually snowy environs, what happens to your community once the flakes begin to fall? More importantly, if you, as an adult are the occasional recipent of a snowday, what's your unplanned diversion of choice? here (flagstaff, arizona, elev. 7000 ft) we get the word from whoever-makes-these-decisions at about 6:00 am, based, it seems to me solely on road conditions as opposed to snow depth or temperature; if the roads are icy and likely to stay icy all day, it's a snowday. on a typical snowday, the entire town seems to slow to a crawl and, based on my observations at the local ski area, tend to head toward the mountain for a day of skiing, regardless of occupation. th

What to see in London in a day, if you have been there a couple of times before.

What to see in London if you only had a day, and have already seen the obvious places. What are your favorite places in London? I am open to just about anything, and will have about a day to burn. I am going to London on business next month. I go about once a year, and have been 3 times already. I have seen what I think are the obvious places in London, and was interested in going somewhere more esoteric. I have been to: - Tower of London - Windsor Castle - Trafalgar Square - Cabinet War Rooms - Imperial War Museum - Parliament Square - Westminster Abbey - St Pauls - Hyde Park - Buckingham Palace/Changing of the Guards - Victoria and Albert Museum - British Museum - I also took a bus tour the first time I was there. I have reviewed a previous related thread, but since it is almost 2 years old, I wanted a second set of opinions, focused on the less well known. I was thinking about the Tate Museum or

use mysql to calculate an unbroken streak, by date, after any three day break

I have a database table where I track people using my app. There might be multiple uses per user, per day. So an example recordset for a given single user might look like:

userId  dateOfUsage
1       2012-12-01
1       2012-12-02
1       2012-12-02
1       2012-12-03
1       2012-12-06
1       2012-12-07
1       2012-12-07
1       2012-12-08

Let's say today is 2012-12-08. I want to get the number of days between today and the last record after three days or more of no entries. In the above example, there was a break between 2012-12-03 and 2012-12-06, so I would like to count the days between 2012-12-06 and today (2012-12-08). The answer would be a "3 day streak" of the 6th to the 8th.

Is it possible to do this in MySQL only? How can I do this for a given user in MySQL? Is it possible to do it for all users at once?

I've found other questions about streaks, but haven't had any luck adapting them to solve my request. Thanks!

How to reload a page at certain hour and only once a day

I have a javascript function that runs every one minute.


  //first, check time, if it is 9 AM, reload the page
   var now = new Date();
   if (now.getHours() == 9 {

  //do other stuff


Now the problem is, I want the reload to happen only once a day. since the function runs every minutes, so next time it fires up, it will reload the page again if it is between 9AM and 10AM. How do I make the reload happen only once?

I can probably do it by creating another interval function that fires every hour and check if I should reload. but since I already have the above function that runs every minute, can I do it from there?

If I do end up with creating another function that checks every hour. What will happen if those 2 functions fire up at the exact same time?

Help me change my sleep schedule for the day!

For a day-long business trip, I have to wake up at 4 am to catch a train and be at a client's site by 10 am, and be functional once I'm there. How can I prepare to deal with the drastic change to my sleep schedule (both falling asleep the night before & keeping energy up during the day) so I can do a good job? I normally wake up at 7:30 am, so waking up at 4 am is completely crazy to me. I'm afraid that even if I go to bed at 8pm that I won't be able to fall asleep. I could take something like Bayer PM to knock myself out, but then I might be too groggy to even drive to the train station. Are there any other tricks to falling asleep early, or anything OTC I can take that won't leave me groggy in the morning? Also, what can I do to keep my energy up during the day? I've never had any of the popular energy drinks ... should I bring a couple of sugar-free Red Bulls or something? Anything else? The trip is tomorrow, I've had almost no notice to

How do I stay sane while home all day with a newborn?

Metaparenting: How do I stay sane while home all day with a newborn? Since AskMe helped so much with my last question, I thought I'd pose another one to all the great Meta-Parents out there: How do you stay sane home all day with a newborn? Before he was born, I worked two jobs as well as volunteer project management work. I was the prototypical "If you need something done, ask a busy person to do it" go-to person. Our son is now 10 days old. Yesterday and today were my first days home alone with him for the full day, and I knew it would be hard, but I'm finding it nearly impossible to even get out of my PJs. Partly I know its sleep deprevation, and partly its that he's entrancing and I'll lose half an hour just gazing at him after he eats, but over and above that I expected, I guess, to be able to steal a half hour here or there while he's sleeping, maybe once a day, to put the laundry in or change the sheets. At the very least I'd expected t

How to date two women at once?

How do I date more than one person at a time? So, I'm doing the online dating thing. And what's normal and what's convenient seems to be talking with several people at once and setting up dates with more than one person in a given time period. So, several women at a time? Lots of dates? Sounds good, right? But I'm not sure my brain works that way. It just seems weird to go on a date with someone and know that I have another one scheduled the next day or week. And then even after a good first date, it seems to be expected that you doesn't necessarily stop setting up other first dates until you mutually decide to become exclusive. So an easy solution is to just date one at a time, duh. But I was wondering if the MeFi studs and studettes had some advice for how to deal with the multi-dating situation. For the record, I'm most interested in a monogamous relationship with potential for marriage sometime (probably a couple of years) down the line

A day trip to Tijuana

I'm going to drive down to Tijuana from Los Angeles on Labor day. If I were on my own, I probably would not have chosen to go to Tijuana. If I were by myself I probably would not have chosen to drive on Labor day and once I arrived in Tijuana I might have dipped my toes into the town's seedier side. Since I will not be alone I was hoping the hive mind could suggest some inexpensive and mostly wholesome activities, restaurants, and tourist attractions in the border city. If someone could point me to an early evening concert it would be truly wonderful. There must be a civic life in Tijuana that isn't just about hustling.

Error sysprepping Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day trial

I am using the Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day trial to evaluate the latest version of Windows for a private school. The way I work is that I use sysprep to prepare an generalized image, then I clone it to the school's computers.

When I follow the instructions and try sysprep on my installation of Windows 8 in VirtualBox, sysprep thinks briefly and gives me an error message:

Fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine.

Once I acknowledge it, sysprep closes. I checked the Windows Event Log, and there's nothing there that I could see.

I also followed some instructions to cure this problem, but nothing changed.

Christmas Every Day, but Maybe Not This Year

Years ago my wife and I read a story by Heinrich Böll which I remembered being titled "Christmas Every Day," but its real title is apparently Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit (Christmas Not Just Once a Year). This year we'd like to read it to our son, who is now old enough to appreciate its black humor. I thought this would be easy to find in print or online, but I've looked up web and down Foyles, and have had no luck. Can anyone tell me the name of an anthology where the story appears ... or scan it and be my friend forever?

Valentine's Day Woes

I'm looking for some suggestions on what to do this Vday. My Girlfriend and I rarely get to go out anymore because of my hectic work schedule and I want to make this year extra special... Here's the lowdown: I work upwards to 70-80 hours every week. We rarely get to go out anymore. I'm usually only able to spend at least an hour with her every night. I'd like to treat her to something extremely special this year. I managed to line everything up with my job and actually get the 14th off for once (1st real day off in 4 weeks!). I'd like to have a full day spending time with her. I'm open for any suggestions at all. I'm a workaholic in the making and so don't get outside much except for the occasional dinner. I am planning on taking her out to the restaurant where we had out first date. But for the entire first part of the day I'm drawing a blank. What do normal couples do? Taking her to a movie or shopping seems kind of out of place for Vday. I'm grasping for straws here. I w

Those thrilling days of yesteryear ...

What software am I looking for in order to organize and play a bazillion mp3 files as if my computer were a mini radio station? Yeah, I suppose I could do it with Winamp and a variety of playlists. I'm hoping to discover something a wee bit more robust. Here's the background: My mother is in a managed care facility. She (along with most of the others there) has alzheimer's. She simply lacks the motor skills, concentration and mental ability to perform basics tasks. This means that she can't really participate in many of the activities she formerly enjoyed. So, she sits and gets depressed. REAL depressed. All of us have been wracking our brains to come up with something that can bring her a bit of pleasure. I think I hit on something. She lives in two time-frames at once -- her mind reconciles them into a hybrid world. I thought I might play to that. I've collected thousands of Old-Time Radio (OTR) mp3 files from the 40's and 50's (pub

Is engaging in oral sex normal behavior for girls these days?

Is it socially acceptable for girls to engage in oral sex with different guys she has only met at parties? I just recently had unprotected oral sex with a girl on the belief that she had only one partner before me and that I would be able to get a long-term relationship out of it. You know that was the first time I had any kind of sex and according to her I'm still a virgin since oral sex doesn't count as "real sex". As she's driving me home, I ask her about us and our future. I asked her "why can't we a have long-term relationship?" ok I didn't ask it exactly like that, but I remember saying asking it in a way where I was sure I wouldn't scare her off. She answered that she doesn't think it's feasible--because we both knew it would have to be a long distance relationship--but then she added that I "still have a chance down the road", meaning 2-3 years from now when I get out of college. By the way she's moved out of her parents house whil