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Accidental ingestion of aspirin during late pregnancy - how bad?

My wife, who is 32 weeks pregnant, accidentally took 600mg of aspirin instead of paracetamol. How bad is this? "Don't take aspirin during pregnancy," says...well, everybody. Especially don't take it during the third trimester, because apparently "Maternal ingestion of drugs which inhibit the formation of prostaglandins (e.g. aspirin and non-steroidal antiinflammatory agents) during the third trimester of pregnancy has been associated with intrauterine closure of the fetal ductus arteriosus, leading to fetal and neonatal pulmonary hypertension and the syndrome of persistent fetal circulation." Is one 600mg dose at 32 weeks enough to significantly increase the risk of the heart thing? Or is it more of a risk for women closer to the birth, or who take more regular doses? The hospital said "Is the baby still kicking? Well, you're probably OK then," which wasn't very helpful.

Ibuprofen and Pregnancy

IANAMDFilter: My wife is in her 25th week of pregnancy and has developed costal chondritis -- that is, her last rib on the righthand side is being displaced a little bit by her uterus, making it inflamed, swollen and very tender. It was recommended to her by an OB doctor at her clinic that she take 600mg of ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) every six hours for a few days, and to repeat this if the pain returned. Wanting a second opinion, another doctor at the same clinic said this would be OK for a few weeks, but that during the third trimester, ibuprofen should not be taken because it contains prostoglandin, and during the third trimester, the baby is sufficiently developed to react to the increased prostoglandin levels, which can cause one of its heart valves to shut prematurely, resulting in, well, unpleasantness. Specifically, the second doctor said that the baby was sufficiently developed to have this reaction by week 32, and recommended taking ibuprofen no later than week 28. But

Some part of my upper body is unhappy. Is it my arm, or is that a red herring?

"Cold" feeling along both sides of my forearm, becoming achy. Doctor's appointment already made, but now I'm researching for ideas on relief -- and nothing seems to quite fit the symptoms! I've developed aching and pain along the outer (pinky) side of my forearm and the inner (thumb) side. It sometimes spreads to the whole back of my forearm, and the feeling is just like the "cold" feeling you get from evaporative cooling, or a xylitol-sweetened mint. My doctor cancelled on me, so I won't get to see her until the 22nd. Until then, I took the blunderbuss approach to symptom relief (so I don't know what has worked here and what was coincidental): - Icing of my upper torso (clavicle area and neck) - Icing forearm, elbow and wrist - Ibuprofen 600mg as needed (right now, 1x daily) - Standing up straight with arms dangling at sides (complete relaxation of shoulders, arms, wrists and hands) seems to reduce the tingling. I still hav

Sleeping through 100mg of caffeine.

Why doesn't 100mg of caffeine wake me up in the morning? I have a lot of trouble waking up in the morning. I have multiple alternating alarms, a dawn simulator wake up light... and now crackheads. Crackheads are these caffeinated dark chocolate covered espresso beans with 600mg of caffeine per box (which works out to 100mg of caffeine for 6 beans.) I put the beans by my bed and I eat them when my alarm goes off.. I started with 5 beans a few days ago, but I fell back to sleep. I've been increasing the 'dosage' and this morning at 6am I ate 9 or 10 (I may have dropped one) but I then promptly fell back asleep until 10am. I slept 11 hours, having gone to bed at 11pm last night! Is there something wrong with me? Caffeine normally makes me all awake and alert, sometimes jittery. Is there some secret property to caffeine that requires water, or that doesn't work while you're asleep? What's the deal?

New Ibuprofen Allergy - Ouch!

I've recently developed an allergy to ibuprofen...Symptoms: swollen and sore tongue. Questions: a) Is there an equally effective drug for menstrual cramps? b) Chance of worsening symptoms/permanent damage if I continue to take it? SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS An allergy, or a side effect that didn't affect me before--call it what you will. After the first dose wears off is when it begins: my tongue, usually only on one side at a time, swells slightly and becomes very sore, both to move and to touch. It feels almost exactly like a bad canker sore or cut on my tongue, and during the worse occurrences affects my speech somewhat (due to the swelling). It lasts for a few days after the last dose is taken, and then just goes away. My actual question is a two-parter: 1) I am of the female persuasion, and most months have moderate to severe menstrual cramps. Ibuprofen is my drug of choice for the cramps; it's the only thing that works for me (my gynecologist

Safe OTC and Homeopathic treatments for use after wisdom teeth removal.

You are not my doctor or my dentist, but what over the counter and homeopathic products are reasonably safe to use after wisdom tooth extraction? I am 28 and just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed 24 hours ago. Two teeth were impacted, one was partially erupted, and one had a giant cavity in it. The doctor has me on Tylenol-3, Ibuprofen 600mg, and Dexamethasone 1mg, for the first two days. The doctor gave me these basic instructions: no solid foods for two days, salt water rinse, cold press first day, warm press next two days, get lots of sleep, and drink adequate fluid. I stopped bleeding around six hours after surgery, but I had a sneezing fit almost every time I stood up. I fear that this may be manifesting in a dry socket but I won't be able to tell for another day. Is there anything else I can do to help the process along? When I was a young lass and had a tongue pierced and my piercer suggested pineapple juice (to combat swelling) and and gly-oxi

Ways to fix nighttime/weekend blues?

DepressionFilter: I'm on meds and am in talk therapy. However, I tend to fall apart on weekends and at night. What coping strategies might I try in order to help with the downness that comes with nights and weekends? [More info, including potential factors and meds schedule, inside.] #1: Medication and therapy history: I've been on meds and going to one-on-one talk therapy for almost 8 months. My current med slate is: 100mg Lamictal/ + 1000 IU Vitamin D supplement + birth control pill (generic Seasonale) in the morning, with 600mg Seroquel XR + 1mg clonazepam + varying doses of diphenhydramine (I'm currently in the midst of cutting down my daily usage of diphenhydramine on advice of my pdoc and am currently taking 150mg nightly.) at night. The Lamictal/Seroquel/clonazepam/vitamin D dosages have remained unchanged since early January. I've been on the same birth control pill since around 2003-2004. Blood tests have shown that my vitamin D supplem

Am I supposed to be healing this slowly? Or is this quick?

5 days ago, had general anesthesia lapropscopic surgery for salpingo oopherectomy (badly scarred right ovary and tube removed), appendectomy, D&C and exploratory surgery found massive adhesions and one intestinal cyst. Everything was cleaned up, I was sent home that afternoon with 2 days of Percocet and given basic after-care instructions. YANAD, YANMD...Also, I've already told all this to my doctor who isn't worried. (Demographic details: 48 yo healthy, don't smoke or take drugs, rarely drink, have Celiac disease, athletic, 3 kids, previous surgery for PID, 1 C-section, history of right-sided ovarian pain for about 30 years...finally went in to get the ovary removed.) But I wonder if there's something more I could be doing to heal quickly. The pain is definitely decreasing, but here's where I still am currently: walking, getting up, sitting down, (pretty much anything other than flat on my back) hurts at around a 6 on a 1-10 scale. Ibuprof

Help me get rid of these muscle cramps!

For the past few nights I've been waking up with horrible muscle cramps in my upper arm - it feels like it's happening in the area where my deltoid connects to my bicep. It feels like a charlie horse in my arm - except I can't make it stop by "stretching". Does anyone have any tips on how to make reoccurring episodes of muscle cramps go away? The pain starts at the top of the arm and radiates down through my entire arm. I also get joint pain in my elbow and my wrist. I have tried all sorts of different positions and movements with my arm and NOTHING makes the pain go away. The pain can get really really bad and lasts for hours/the whole day. On Friday I was in tears for a while because it was so bad. It feels like a migraine in my arm. I don't know how else to explain it. I've tried cold packs/hot packs/etc, nothing helps. I went to the doctor and they gave me 600mg ibuprofen, which sort of helps (but doesn't make the pain go away completely) and o

Prices of generic lamictal and ritalin with no insurance?

My mom cancelled my health insurance and told me I had to get a full time job and pay for everything by myself because she's tired of taking care of me. I'm a college student, so I feel like she's condemning me to financial and academic hell. So I'm just wondering how much you think this would cost on average: Generic Lamictal, 600mg per day Generic Ritalin, 20mg per day I also take buspirone, 20mg per day, but I think that's on the $4 list at Walmart? I also have to pay for the psychiatrist visits, therapy, and food of course, so do you think I'm going to die? If I got 40 hrs, I should make around $1,200 per month. But I probably won't get that many hours, because I'm 20 years old and the unemployment rate in my town is really high. I'm lucky if I can even find one at all. Please don't make assumptions about my personal life and lump me into a group with irresponsible teenagers who would rather eat their own shit than do what they're told. I don't live with her and she doesn't pa

Husband Leaving, Need to get pregnant soon :(?

Me and my husband have been trying for 8months now. I have tried multiple things, softcups, mucinex ,OPKS, Presseed. My husband will be leaving for basic training(army) for 4months, so Id like to get pregnant before he leaves. We both really want this, and now that he is leaving for a bit, we are coming to the last 2cycles of trying. I guess while he is away if im not pregnant I could go in and get tested for fertilty and whatnot. I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions for these last 2cycles. I was thinking of just taking mucinex again as it did seem to help with CM. But I only took 600mg a day. It was a 12hr pill so i was thinking of taking 2 a day. And i heard about baby aspirin can help? I have clots during period so baby aspirin i read is suppsed to thin blood?? Any ideas greatly greatly aprreciated!!! Thanks in advance!! Wow people are rude. I guess thats how some people are on here. I am going to the doctors but i just wanted to know if anyone had any tips, that worked

Taking Calcium pills plus Prenatal vitamins?

Okay so i bought a bottle of Calcium supplements with vitamin D in it.. I take my prenatal vitamin every day.. but i want to know is it too much calcium. The bottle says to take 2 pills a day, and on the bottle it says its 600mg. I've been only taking One calcium pill a day with my prenatal. I was wondering if i should be taking both pills or if One is okay. My teeth have been bad and i was told by my doctor its okay to take them, he just didnt say how much. lol Is there a limit to how many mg i can have with calcium a day during pregnancy? Oh dont know if it matters but im 38 weeks. lol wow thanks!!! =] Love the answers

How long does the pain last after a wisdom extraction?

I'm getting the remaining 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and I'm a little frightened. With the last extraction I had, the pain lasted for almost 2 months, and I'm not talking just a dull ache. It was full on PAIN. The 600mg of ibuprofen they prescribed me didn't even put a dent in it, but they insisted everything was healing well and there was no infections. The pain was mostly in the joint of my jaw, and not the extraction site itself. Of course, that was just a dentist. This time I'm going to an Oral Surgeon, and I'm hoping the whole experience will be a lot better than my last one. So my question is: How long does the pain after extraction typically last? And to what degree of intensity should the pain reach?