Questions About Opensm

switchless Infiniband between two servers on RHEL 6.3

I have 2 servers running RHEL 6.3 which have 2 port Infiniband cards

>lspci | grep -i infini
07:00.0 InfiniBand: QLogic Corp. IBA7322 QDR InfiniBand HCA (rev 02)

I'm interested in connecting them directly to each other bypassing an Infiniband switch (which I don't have). Quick googling showed that at least in some configurations it's possible.

I installed all RedHat Infiniband packages with yum groupinstall "Infiniband Support". However, ibv_devinfo shows that both ports in each card are down, which indicates that cables are not connected. But the cable is connected, although the LEDs are off on the cards (not a good sign). Another source of confusion for me is that according to this, RedHat doesn't come with

How can I determine which switch the Infiniband subnet manager is running on?

I recently inherited an Infiniband network containing multiple switches, and I know that one of these switches is running the subnet manager. The rest supposedly have that feature turned off, or were never enabled. The trouble is, I have no idea which one it is...

I'd like to replace the switch subnet manager with OpenSM running on a couple of my infrastructure servers. Is there any way, short of logging into each switch individually, to determine which switch is running the SM?