Questions About Oxegen

What is a pleasant and easy yet good looking fish to take care of for a novice?

I got a fish from biology class today and then I realized the only thing I knew I had was the small amount of flake fish food the teacher gave me and the ziploc bag it was in. It wasn't a project or anything it was just to own a fish :) . Any who, I did some research after I put my small goldfish in a tall, somewhat wide clear glass vase. What I discovered was, my vase was not nearly large enough, for surface area. I should get a different kind of food than flake because flakes cause fish to swim to the surface which put air pockets in the fish and can cause illness. I do not have a near as needed efficient way to supply the fish with oxegenated water. The room I have put it in has too bright of a light, what is preferrable is a roof with dim lights on at least 8 hours of the day. And many other things that I forgot. I feel like I am torturing my fish now and don't know what to do with it, because it is winter here and I live in Alaska so it's not I can let it "free", with it be

What is space?...I dont understand...?

If there is no air in space then how can things move? Im completely unknowledgeable about anything to do with space. Please give me some basic info so mind mind doesnt explode? Also, what is open space? Is there a difference in matter depending on the location in space? What does it mean by "space is a vacuum" ? Then how do you stop moving in space? Im sorry I may sound really dumb asking more...but how do things float and move in space. I cant wrap my mind around the "lack" or non- existence of matter, yet something can be suspended in the nothing. Is there nothing on earth? I assumed the whole entirety of earth was full of some such molecule or another. I know air, oxegen, carbon monoxide...etc...What is space? How can something exsist in nothing? When I imagine a vacuum I imagine pressure. Force, something. Also, how can a rocket in space cause movement and the lack thereof? I assumed in order for it to "push" off of something there had to be something there. On earth I thought it