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Do Murderers Deserve A Facebook Profile? Yes or No? Why or Why not?

This is probably something you've never pondered: Do murderers deserve a Facebook profile? Facebook has deactivated the page of a convicted cop-killer who had access to a BlackBerry in his Oklahoma prison, ABC News reported. "In Oklahoma, it is against the law to possess a cell phone in jail," Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes told ABC. "Since his activity was unlawful in that state, we disabled the profile yesterday." The company shut down Justin Walker's page Wednesday after ABC News reported on how he had updated his Facebook account from behind bars, corresponding with friends and posting photos. Some photos showed Walker with marijuana and a homemade weapon. Walker, 32, was convicted in April 2006 of murder in the second degree after striking a plea deal in the death of Pawnee County Sheriff Dwight Woodrell Jr., who was shot and killed Oct. 13, 2001, while investigating a burglary. Walker and his co-defendant, James Craig Taylor, reportedly sang the song "I Shot the Sheriff" af