Questions About Peace Promoter

Mohammed: Military Leader vs Peace Promoter

Genuine question: Given that Mohammed was a succesful military leader who led armies to kill many thousands, at what point did he switch approach and promote peace? I have read books that state that Mohammed was a military leader and I have also heard that Mohammed is someone to be highly respected and that he promotes peace in his teaching. Did he have a sudden transformation and if so what was the situation that led to this? This is a genuine question, based on my own lack of knowedge as I currently can't reconcile the comments that Mohammed promotes peace with my understanding that he was a great military leader.

the peace olympiad?

Every year this incredibly strange woman wanders up to my front door to solicit money for something she cryptically refers to as "the peace olympiad." Whenever I attempt to find out what this is and why I should give it money she simply explains that it's like the Olympics only it strives to promote peace and unity. I then ask what this means. And she repeats her original answer. I confess that I really have no idea what this group is or does and I don't feel comfortable giving it money. She then abruptly turns and walks to the next house. My question: What the meep is the "peace olympiad"? I have found that it's run by some organization called EduServe...but I can't seem to find out much more than that. What exactly is this group? Is it some sort of cult or scam or is it some legitimate charity that just happens to have a very strange representative in my area? Has anyone else encountered solicitors for the peace olympiad? Is this an actual event? A

A Peace Corps that doesn't suck?

I'm looking for a Peace Corps that doesn't suck. Does it exist? I recently applied to the Peace Corps because I heard they were looking for IT workers of a particular sort, which I am. But I've been warned off by a handful of people that have either been in the Peace Corps or who have had relatives or close friends in it. Their complaints describe an agency that's hindered by bureacracy, unsupportive of their volunteers and otherwise not all it claims to be through shiny advertisements. What other options are there? I can do IT work, I can teach IT and general computing, I do graphic design and I can teach that, too - and I can do office work, construction work and grunt work. I'm interested in two levels of volunteering: 1) Committed, destination-based engagements like the Peace Corps with nominal material and transportation support from the organization. 2) Local hands on volunteering in SF - hopefully as free of bureacracy as

Do I speak now, or forever hold my peace?

My otherwise sensible sister seems to be rushing into an ill-thought-out marriage. Is there any loving and effective way to get her to think more carefully about what she's doing? It's the age-old story: little sister, six years my junior (we'll call her "Jules") just got engaged to her college boyfriend ("Ron") of two years; family and friends are dismayed. Not that the guy's an axe-murderer or anything; he's just young (23), immature and not especially motivated-- lives with his mom, still stays out until 4AM with the boys, shows up hours late for stuff, is perpetually broke, etc. Ron's currently deciding between three wildly different career paths (think comp-lit grad school in Europe vs. adventure tourism vs. full-time firefighting) and says he doesn't really care what he ends up doing, because "he's sure he'd be fine with any job." He seems to have expended minimal effort/thought on the proposal ("Here, have a ring. Wanna get ma

How does selling weapons promote peace?

How do its proponents argue that the arms trade contributes to peace/stability? I'm pretty conscious of the arguments against the arms trade, and I understand the general economic arguments about maintaining a national defence industrial base (and how it keeps workers in jobs etc). But I have heard it claimed that the arms trade contributes to peace and stability which I am struggling to get my head around. If you have recommendations of websites or articles (I have wide journal access through my university) that deal with this subject I'd love to know about them.

Do global markets promote global peace?

I am interested in conducting some preliminary research on this topic and am looking for the key thinkers and arguments on either side of this debate. Despite my own political views, I do see some credibility to the idea — two countries with complex and overlapping economic interdependency may be less inclined to go to war with one another and jeopardize these interests. However, I imagine that this intuition is flawed in many respects, so I am interested to hear counter-examples, historical or theoretical, to disprove this thesis. Note: While I am speaking of free trade and peace between nations, I am also interested in scholarly work arguing that economic liberty, markets, and property rights promote peace within nations (or not) as well. I am by no means an expert in economic and political theory, but both academic and popular works are welcome.

Is same-sex marriage a threat to justice and peace, as the pope says, and if so how?

On world Peace Day in a speech the Pope has said that gay marriage poses a threat to "justice and peace." The 85-year-old religious leader went on to suggest that same-sex marriage is "unnatural." "There is also a need to acknowledge and promote the natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman in the face of attempts to make it juridically equivalent to radically different types of union (...) Such attempts actually harm and help to destabilize marriage, obscuring its specific nature and its indispensable role in society(...)They are inscribed in human nature itself, accessible to reason and thus common to all humanity. "The Church's efforts to promote them are not therefore confessional in character, but addressed to all people, whatever their religious affiliation(...)Efforts of this kind are all the more necessary the more these principles are denied or misunderstood, since this constitutes an offence against the truth of the human person, with serious harm to

How Come So Many People Get Arrested At Protest Rallies Promoting Liberal Causes?

I always see many liberals breaking glass windows, spitting at cops, and getting arrested at protest rallies promoting their liberal agenda. But I never see the same at Tea Party rallies, why is that ? I thought liberal protestors were supposed to the peaceful civilized bunch, while the Tea Party protestors were supposed to be the uncivilized violent and out of control animals. Atleast that is what the liberal media would want everybody to believe.

Jewish, Muslim students work together for peace?

Aside from the creation of the accords, the project also has plans for a number of community outreach projects for next year, including bringing together children from local mosques and synagogues and possibly bringing Jewish and Muslim comedians to campus, said Sarah Dehaybi, a pre-physiology junior and president of the MSA. "We want to focus more on the education aspect and hopefully from there we can initiate everything else we can do," Dehaybi said. "There's a lot of sensitive information involved, and you can't present that first." While getting to know one another, the group has been studying the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from a number of different angles. One Muslim and one Jewish student pair off to write each section of the accords, including security issues, the handling of refugees and access to holy places, Alyeshmerni said. "I really didn't know anything about the conflict before working with the project," said Jennifer Knutson, a science education juni

War Is Peace?

War Is Peace Oceania (commonly called the US and Britain) is at war with Afghanistan Iraq. Oceania has always been at war with Afghanistan Iraq. Eurasia (commonly called Russia, Pakistan, etc.) is allied with Oceania in war against Afghanistan. Eurasia has always been allied with Oceania. US Congressman Charlie Rangel has been arguing for a return of military conscription (“The Draft”) as—so he tells the public— a way of reducing war. It's not easy to capture someone killed the year before—until you harness the power of Ingsoc. When you've got Ingsoc on your side, though, it's so easy that the US did it again. Three cheers for Homeland Security drone patrols! In order to fight terrorism, we must cause it, says Donald Rumsfeld. It's okay that there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq; that's not why we went to war. It's equally okay that there are so many of them in Oceania. The Nobel prize committee has been considering nominating George Bush and Tony Blair for their p

Anyone else think that governments keep marijuana illegal because they know it's a wonder drug that would promote peace, and compromise?

Lets say that there is some conspiracy where the government knows if they legalized weed people would stop buying prescription medicine, and be more peaceful, and generous. As a result, the health care industry, along with the defense, and a number of other industries would go bankrupt, and we'd mo…

How do we promote peace during general elections in kenya? This is the way we can increase women participation

Most women aspirants are descriminated against due to finances, and use of violence by hired gangs. Most women do not vote if threatned by violence during campaigns. This tool is used by a few to keep off wise decision from women and youths. If we can promote peace by holding workshops for the youths and encouraging them by organising peace marathon, talent shows, then they will not be available for use to cause violence. Being a woman civic aspirant in Nairobi province , Kamukunji Constituency, Uhuru ward, I would love to promote peace and change the use of violence as a way to influence decision making.

How to regain peace of mind after burning a bridge with a close fiend?

I had a friend that I had known for four years who at some point became one of my best friends. However, things were not as they appeared even at that point. That friend asked me for a favor related to work, I helped her with something that seemed very crucial for her promotion and tenure and then she failed to acknowledge me in her published work. I was shocked, because if I wasn't her friend, she probably would have been forced to even add me as a co-author. Anyways, she got her promotion and tenure. I was very happy for her. But, then as soon as she got what she wanted, she became very distant and didn't seem to be interested in the friendship anymore. I realized I was taken advantage of. I was sick of her behavior so I decided to tell her that this is not the way one treats his/her friends and I would appreciate it if she could be more responsive whenever I send her a message or invite her to an event or party along with other people. She got angry and tried to get out of the frien

Your thoughts on ways to promote religious tolerance among the heavily invested?

It seems hopeless to work for religious tolerance. Too many are too invested in absolutes. There is no way that the Pat Robertsons of the world will ever say, "You know, I did some praying, and the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit told me that I've been wrong all these years about homosexuality." How can we ever make peace with these people? Surely there's an answer, but I don't see it.