Questions About Peach State

Hey Reddit! I really want to land an internship in a business outside of my home state of Georgia. Any tips or tricks or advice?

Location is not an issue. I really want to experience life outside of the Peach State. I love it here but I have been here my whole life, barely traveled at all, and I'm about to graduate as a BullDawg(University of Georgia) with a degree in Management Information Systems. Does anybody have some …

Do you know your state's ................?

capital: Atlanta tree: live oak bird: brown thrasher flower: cherokee rose nickname: peach state, empire state of the south governor: I don't know Famous people from your state: Raven Symone, Tyler Perry, Martin Luther King jr, Lady Antebellum , Jimmy Carter Interesting Facts: state where coca cola was invented, home of the world's largest college campus (Berry College), last of the13 original colonies, home of the world's largest aquarium Please state the name of your state in your answer Georgia

Pesticides for peach trees - what kind to use and how?

Hello - I live in central New Mexico and have a very healthy young peach tree. The tree went crazy last year, it had lots of flowers and thick healthy leaves. I'm planning on pruning it this weekend and I've done lots of research on the best way to get that done. But now I'm wondering about dormant spraying of pesticides. I know that the peach borer is a huge peach tree killer and we do have it in this state. Can anyone recommend a good preventative pesticide and where to get it?

What Do You Think Of When You Think Of Each State in The USA?

Okay, so we all have inside jokes right? Stereotypical stuff? I don't care. Just tell me what you first think about when thinking of each US state =) Here is my example: •Alabama-Sweet tea.. •Alaska-IM AN ESKIMO?? •Arizona-New school for the arts and academics •Arkansas-our-can-sauce?? •California-Disney Land •Colorado-Homeee =) •Connecticut-New Millie, new millie •Delaware-Who is dela and waaarree is she going???? (lol) •Florida-"Brendan, go scare people on the boardwalk with these lobster shells"..."raaawwwr...Rawwrr" •Georgia-NO, because Peaches are too FUZZY •Hawaii-You're just jealous because her dad owns Mike n ike's so she gets to go to hawaii!! •Idaho-Stop calling yourself a hoe!...that's a gardening tool! •Illinois-where is chicago? do you spell that ...uhh •Indiana-RUN it's the time of the year for nascaarrr •Iowa-potatoesss?, uhh nope. so you REALLY MEAN POTATOSSS •Kansas-toto we're not in Kansas anymoreee •Kentucky-KFC is equivalent to drugs. •Louisiana-lo