Questions About Phoeni

What is better for him: A zookeeper or something autmotive?

My boyfriend REALLY loves animals, deeply and truely. It almost competes with his love for me. x3 And he's also really good at cars. Hes wanted to own a zoo/be a zoo keeper for a few years now, but hes not sure if he can make it. Theres few colleges he can go to for Zoology and we found a few. We are trying to base where we go to school so we can balence our relationship and school, but his college and my colleges are 7 and a half hours from eachother. I could go to Phoenis [College not city] but that is an online college and I dont know if online college or actual college is better for people. His college is only 10,000 dollars if he lives off campus so we figured if I go to Phoenix online and he goes there, we can live together. But I still dont know. Back to the point - we realize that zookeepers get paid WAY little for A LOT of work, but he absolutely adores the idea of helping animals. He is a little dissapointed though, and thinks he wont be able to contribute with his small wa