Questions About Piniella

Is Lou Piniella going to get fired?

I have heard talks about Chicago Cubs Manager Lou Piniella getting fired and AAA Iowa Cubs Manager and former Cub Ryne Sandberg becoming the manager for the rest of this season and next. Im a Die hard Cubs fan and Piniella has been a great manager but this year he has done nothing he almost never comes out and argues calls in 2007 he turned the team around by going on a rant. Thursday (7/1) There was a very bad call at first base to end the game Tyler Colvin beat the throw to first base on a double play ball at first I didnt think much of it being a bad call because i was at the game and at wrigley there is no big screen but i record every game and i reviewed the tape when i got home and he was safe by almost 2 steps when i was at the game he looked safe but that was just where i was sitting every close call looked safe the Cubs lost that game 3-2 in 10 innings im not saying that it would have changed the game outcome but their would have been runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs and Ma

Is Lou Piniella the reason the Cubs are underacheiving this year?

The way the cubs lost tonight has happened NUMEROUS times this year. What I mean is that Rich Harden is out there twirling a gem, mowing through the hitters and then he thinks "Oh, it's the 8th inning, I automatically HAVE to use Marmol." Then Marmol goes and does what he does, walks 3 hitters and hits another one. I mean, Lou's done this ALL year long, where a starter is in the 7th or 8th inning of a close game with only about 70 or 80 pitches (Harden threw 87 pitches in 7 innings tonight) and then takes him out for one of their terrible relief pitchers. It's absolutely sickening to watch and it's really frustrating being a cubs fan this year. I know the Cubs have had their fair share of injuries, but if they didn't have a manager that would freak out so much about lefty-on-lefty pitcher-hitter match-ups and so much about pitch counts, then the cubs would likely have on a few more games than they have.

Cubs fans - Lou Piniella and Steve Stone ?

Lou ripped Steve Stone for wondering about Tyler Colvin and his lack of playing time.Lou, in his criticism forgot that the Stone Pony won the Cy Young and was also one of his cheerleaders for the job.Stone has reiterated that he has never said that Lou is not a good manager.Just that with Colvin's stats should play more.Is Lou too thin skinned?And was Steve stone right in his opinion? Keep in mind that Lou is a legend in his own mind.He conveniently forgets that his only title was with the 1990 Reds.That is a long time between championships if you think you are a premier manager.To be critical of a guy who was a pretty decent pitcher in the bigs when his own playing career didn't win him any awards seems a little hypocritical.

Alfonso Soriano?

The Cubs have been really impressive offensively lately. All of this without Soriano in the lineup. My question is this: Does any of it have to do with the fact that Johnson and Theriot are leading off? They actually find ways to get on base which is something Soriano doesn't. I know Soriano was slumping, but it seems like when he leads off, nine times out of ten he starts the game with a strikeout. We all know Soriano isn't a prototypical leadoff hitter. But could this offensive explosion be because Johnson or Theriot leading off and actually getting on base sets the tone for the rest of the game? I think this could be all the more reason Piniella quits listening to his superstar and moves him down in the lineup, yes he struggles there but it might be an adjustment period and then he could excel in the middle of the order. What do you guys think? Cubswin, I hear what you're saying. I still think Johnson's OBP is going to be higher than Soriano's ever will. The team doesn't have