Questions About Pocket Seafood

How can I be an environmentally conscious furniture buyer?

I'm interested in buying a bed that's made of "tropical hardwoods" and Mindi wood veneer. Am I likely to be supporting rainforest destruction? More generally, how I can make environmentally conscious buying decisions regarding furniture? There are other options available from the same store including maple and walnut, which are more expensive. Are these more likely to be sustainably harvested? What about cheap composite stuff like MDF? Should I assume the worst if they're not labeled "plantation grown" or have Forest Stewardship Council certification? What I really wish I had was something like the Pocket Seafood selector for wood products.

What are some of your favorite Las Vegas restaurants?

I'm going to Vegas in a few day and now that I'm older I have a little more money in my pocket to experience the cuisines. I'm looking to spend about $10-25 per person at a restaurant, but I can't seem to find any highly recommended affordable restaurants. I enjoy different types of food including Italian, American, Seafood, Mexican, Chinese. Any recommendations to some affordable restaurants on or very close to the strip that you would go to twice?