Questions About Proper Care

Proper care of a lefse grill

How do I properly take care of my new lefse grill? I just got a new lefse grill for Christmas, and I don't know how to properly maintain it! It is an all aluminum grill that goes up to 500degrees. I heard that it is best NOT to cook anything oily or fatty like bacon or eggs, or fry anything in oil as this will ruin the surface for cooking lefse or tortillas. However, does this extend to things with just a bit of oil, like certain kinds of pancakes? Are there any tips to prolong the surface?

How to properly care for my nipple after I remove the jewelry? *10 Points Best Answer*?

I've had my nipples pierced for almost a year. The piercings have only been bothersome on one nipple to the point where I don't think its worth keeping the jewelry in it any longer. How do I properly care for my nipple after the jewelry is removed? I don't want the entrance or exit sites of the barbel to get infected. Also, how long should I wait to ever get it re-pierced?

Furniture Care 101

Help me restore and properly care for my wooden furniture. I've recently inherited a revolving bookcase that belonged to my father. I also have a drafting table that needs attention. Both the bookcase and the drafting table are in need of care and repair. The top of the bookcase is slightly warped and has a large crack where the wood has split and the shelves are separating from their supports. The drafting table has scratches in the finish and worn edges where people have rested their feet. What's the best way to care for, restore, and preserve these items? My initial reaction was to disassemble them, strip the wood, fix the broken parts, re-finish and reassemble them. But now I have several questions: 1. Can you recommend a professional furniture restoration expert/refinisher in or near Berkeley, California? 2. How should I care for them? Do I wipe them down with furniture oil, or just dust them with a dry cloth? 3. I'm also interested i

How does one care for fancy goldfish?

I just rescued a couple of fancy goldfish, and I could use some advice on how to properly care for them. Is it normal for them to rest on the bottom of the tank? How much should I feed them? The marketing department at my girlfriend's office decided it would be a good idea to purchase 40 live goldfish to use as party decorations, with no plan for what to do with the fish once the party was over. I took two of them, and want to give them the best home I can. They are apparently calico telescope goldfish, about an inch and a half long. A lot of sites I've found say that you need 5-10 gallons of water per fish, but I can't do that. I'm not even supposed to have fish in my office, and having a full size aquarium would definitely get noticed. I've got a 2.5 gallon tank, but I've got a filter and a bubbler, and my plan is to exchange 25% of the water once a month. Is that sufficient to keep the water clean? I've gotten a lot of varying advice on how often to feed th

butcher block care?

Proper care for a butcher block? Got a butcher block as a gift (awesome, as I have zero counterspace) but did not receive instructions on proper care. I'm a vegetarian so meat prep/clean-up is not an issue, but the dang thing already smells like onions! I try to clean it thoroughly with soapy water every time I use it & I'm sure to dry it off (as Google instructs), but is there anything else I should know? I'm getting mixed advice on whether oiling it is appropriate, & also whether I can use a diluted vinegar solution to get the oniony smell out. I don't want the thing to split & I don't want it to be all nasty!!

What is the proper care of a battery operated toothbrush?

I bought 2 oral b battery operated toothbrushes in the past that just sucked. I can not remember the model's name, but if I knew what it was I would insert it here. Whenever I applied toothpaste to the brisles the toothpaste always managed to get into the battery compartment which in turn caused the whole entire unit to NOT function. What is the proper care for a battery operated toothbrush? Can you suggest a cheap one that I can buy at walmart or target?

How to curl dyed hair and also what is proper care for it?

I just got my hair dyed yesterday (ombre) and I have no idea how to properly care for it. I have dye safe shampoo and conditioner, but that's all I really know about caring for dyed hair. My hairdresser decided to curl my hair and it looked amazing (I have naturally straight hair). How do you safely curl dyed hair? My hair is in pretty great condition when it comes to the health of it. Some sites said that I need to use a heat-protectant or some other product, others said that I do not have to. And would a flat iron or curling iron work best? Any other tips for dyed hair care and curling would be grateful! Thank you!

Care and maintenance of a Le Creuset pan?

How to properly care of a Le Creuset frying pan? My boyfriend and I recently received this gorgeous Le Creuset frying pan as a gift from a bunch of friends who pooled together. We're absolutely delighted, and want to make sure we get the most out of the pan. When we received the gift, a couple of the givers mentioned that we shouldn't wash it with soap, but should keep it seasoned instead. However, the care instructions on the Le Creuset website beg to differ, saying that washing with soap is possible (though of course, no scouring). My understanding is that enameled cookware does not generally need to be seasoned. Am I right in thinking that? Is there any benefit to seasoning the pan even if it's not strictly necessary? If yes, what's the best way of doing so? And how often? Also, we're in the habit of washing all cookware with soap and a sponge after use. The Le Creuset website mentions that you can also wipe out the pan with a damp cloth, minus so

Proper Care and Feeding of my Indo-Fijian Sweetheart

Soon my long distance sweetheart from Fiji will be coming to visit me for at least 6 months. Help me mitigate her Culture Shock, find familiar food/movies/etc for her, and communicate with her better while we navigate a cross-cultural, cross-ethnic relationship. I live near Raleigh NC and am white. My sweetheart lives in Fiji and is native Indo-Fijian. I had a month long stay with her and her family in Fiji. Soon she will be doing an extended visit here while we see how far this relationship goes. She may end up immigrating but that's not the focus of my question. What I want is some ideas of food, culture, movies, etc that I can share with her to help make her feel "more at home" as soon as she arrives. Familiar comforting things, maybe even some communities she might be able to make friends she can relate to. Some specific areas I'm looking for help Movies: I love movies. She really likes bollywood love-story-musical type movies, I need to

how best to care for old and cherished books?

I need a more in-depth guide on the proper care of my old (1800-1960) books. I know the basics, (no sun, no moisture, no dirty hands) but I have some questions whose answers I cannot find. Plastic covers: good, bad, or indifferent? I only recently discovered these, and I worry about their lack of breathability. Upright or sidelying? Most sources seem to recommend upright storage but I've seen a few that said sidelying. I prefer upright for display purposes, but I notice that the part of the cover which extends past the pages starts to crumple and tear from gravity after a while. Is there a way to prevent this? Fraying cloth covers- what, if anything, can I do? Ditto for filthy dirty cloth covers, torn pages, minor foxing, and other small repairs that aren't severe enough to visit a bookbinder. Dusting the books- what's the safest way? How often should I check for mildew, bugs, etc? I'm not concerned about the resale value of these books (