Questions About Radiolab Live

What should I do? This guy expressed excited interest in buying my tickets to RadioLab Live in San Francisco, then didn't show.

I responded to his craigslist ad at 2:00 today for an 8:00 show. He responded excitedly at 5:30 and asked if we could meet in front of the theater at 7:45 to exchange tickets. I emailed and called him several times between 6 and 7:30, but he didn't respond. He never showed up at the theater, but e…

Books and information about pathological liars / con-artists?

I'm looking for books, articles, movies or documentaries about con-artists / pathological liars. I'm doing research for a project on pathological liars / con artists like the young woman "Hope" who is profiled in the Deception episode of Radiolab, or the woman discussed in this thread. I am looking for profiles or articles on con-artists (and the psychology thereof) who are more of a pathological liar type than professional short term scammer (card tricks, though I think that there is some overlap). These are the types of folks who tend to live their lives from false identity to false identity. It seems that they are in a different league than the "short con" folks, but I don't know if they are typically called something different. I am looking for anything on the subject, either fiction or non-fiction. As I type this, I'm noticing some new headlines on the "Rockefeller" kidnap case which seems to indicate he's one of

Podcasts, away!

I've finally become interested in Podcasts. My tastes are under the fold, help me find more! I've gone through iTunes and the old Podcast posts and picked some, and here are the ones I really like so far: Science Friday Radiolab Stuff You Should Know Retronauts (I downloaded Games, Dammit! as well but haven't yet listened to it.) Rock, Paper, Shotcast Roguelike Radio What I'd like to listen to a podcast about: Video games/board games/tabletop RPGs/etc. (the more inside-baseball/topically obscure, the better.) Well-informed sci-tech news/history. Explanations of things one generally does not happen upon (like Radiolab or Stuff You Should Know) Non-contemporary film/television (basically I'm just trying to avoid spoilers.) DIY electronics (I downloaded Make's podcast, just haven't listened to it yet) UFOlogy/conspiracy theories/"X-Files is real" nonsense Stuff I'm not particularly interested in listening to a podcast about: Sto