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IP Camera implementation in Android(View live video from IP Camera)

I have a requirement to implement IP camera's for my client's Organization(May be 5 or more). I need to provide facility to view these camera's preview in their Android mobiles. I found an application already available in Android Market(IP Cam Viewer) and it is what exactly my Client asking.

Can anyone suggest me the best IP camera(It should be operated by their mobile i.e moving it up and down, as well as left and right)?

And how can I implement this functionality in Android(i.e Viewing live video from the IP Camera)?

Thanks & Regards, Raghavendra K.

What more / else to expect from a day care / montessori?

Hi All, As most of the day care / preschool outfits which we see claim of the same services but with a different name / franchise / fee structure. Some of them who are a little highly priced, package / present their services in a little attractive / appealing way. I want to understand from parents of children who are currently attending Pre-School / Day care / Montessori, as to what are their expectations which is not currently fulfilled by these centres. Things which are not taught in these centres rigth now. Appreciate all your replies Regards Raghavendra