Questions About Rainbow Sandals

Help me find awesome men's or unisex leather sandals!

My husband's dual-strap Birkenstocks have finally stepped on a rainbow and gone to Jesus. We're going on a trip mid-July and I'd like to find him a suitable replacement by then. I'm looking for something around $100 with superior comfort and sturdy craftsmanship. Buckles/straps are preferable. Does anyone have any good finds/recommendations? (If it matters, he's a fairly standard size -- 11.5.)

What makes a person seem rich?

At age 18? Do you think someone is rich because they drive a new 2013 Buick? Because she wears Uggs? Because she has Coach and Michael Kors? Because she owns MAC? Because she wears rainbow sandals? Or because she owns pretty much one of everything in bathandbody? Because she wears ralph lauren? Because her backpack is by northface? Because she wears Abercrombie&Fitch? Because she her prom dress was $500? What things make you "assume" a girl is "rich" or weathy? Just curious.