Questions About Readymade

Are ASP.NET readymade controls really production worthy?

I have come across the ASP.NET ready made controls like grid, repeater... etc.

For example while dealing with GRID i remember following facts,

ASP.NET V1.1 has DataGrid with "virtual row count" which is heavily used for custom paging which is need of big sites to perform well.

ASP.NET V2.0 added the GridView with all sort of cool features but also split the DataSource parts as different component. Also "virtual row count" is not supported and for pagination to be done DataSource control is need to be used.

After all these thing i thought that ASP.NET control are not made to be used as is for the development.

Please let me know whether i am right or wrong? Also if you think i am wrong PLEASE provide inputs/links which can help me come out of this thinking of mine.

wats the difference between two types of projector screen material?

am planing to make a fixed frame projector screen by my self,and i want to know if i made a fixed frame projector screen by my self,whether it will be look as good as readymade fixed frame projector screens,heard tat there are two types of projector screen,they are : perforated and non-perforated screens .wat's the difference between these two screens ?..and which one will produce a high video clarity?and which is best to use?

Where can a person live in a shed? While browsing at home depot i noticed a nice shed large enough to live in?

Is there any part of the country in which codes are liberal enough to allow one to reside in a shed or a prefabricated/modular garage? I have seen pictures of old fashioned quonset homes (the aluminum arch houses) but I have never seen any which were lived in. I only read about such homes in magazines like DWELL and Readymade. Here in Michigan, very little housing diversity exists. Is there any part of the country in which an owner could legally build a house for under $30,000? If so, please tell me where and provide links if possible thanks. For anyone else interested, Karrie Jacobs, founder of Dwell magazine, recently published a book called the $100,000 house. It discusses the issue of affordable housing. Thanks very much! I don't care to here criticism of my motives. Also, I trailer plot will require me to live amongst a group of people I dont want to be around. Plus I want to own my home and land not pay some trailer park owner for the rest of my life.

The perfect magazine?

[MagazineFilter] Say, oh, you were to start your dream magazine, what would you fill it with? (more inside) More specifically, I am launching a very different type of magazine in Mid 2005, and I am very interested in hearing from fellow MeFi'ers. I am very curious as to any departments or features that you feel take a unique approach to delivering information and engaging readers, or are able to successfully communicate a distinct other reality across the medium of print. Thinking along the lines of the NYtimes Ethicist, Vice's Do's and Dont's, the Harpers Index, or whole magazines such as Readymade or Wallpaper navigator, what makes you go out of your way to read these things, and doing it consistently? Going one step further, what would you like to see in magazines that you feel is currently lacking? Any burning ideas that you would love to see implemented? Anything that you have wished would be published? Full disclosure that responses may be discussed in

How to make things?

I've been inspired by Make Magazine and Readymade magazine, unfortunately, I don't have all the how-to knowledge I'd like... I'm looking for books that tell general building techniques, for example, how to weld, basic wood working principles, how to fabricate things, etc. Also, websites or blogs that cover that sort of thing would be nice. Also, I'd prefer books that suggest ways to build things without a lot of tools (For example, I own a circular saw and a Jigsaw but no table saw). In short: I'm looking for things that will teach me basic building techniques from wood to metal and electronics.

How can I make these sandals?

I think these "barefoot sandals" would be quite fetching if done in a dark brown satin-finish cord and attached to a leather sole (something like these), and I’m trying to figure out how to go about it. Making the crochet part is no problem at all, but finding a sole and attaching the two is going to be a challenge. I'm hoping that the accomplished MeFi online shoppers can help me, and also that there's a MeFite or two who know something about cobbling. Some specs: I don’t want the soles to be flat (I have high arches and they give me some trouble), and they must be leather or some approximation thereof, and brown. I don’t want to put a lot of money into this flip flop project – let’s keep it under $40 or so, as I could buy a nice pair of similar leather flip flops for about that. Given these specifications, what’s my best option? Should I, could I: #1 Buy a pair of readymade sandals, take them apart, and attach the crocheted part to them? If so, how

What material should I use for a cover for a portfolio made with chicago-style screwposts?

What material should I use for a cover for a portfolio made with chicago-style screwposts? I'm looking to make up some portfolio covers, similar in design to these. I've thought of plexiglas, sheet metal and masonite (don't you have to wear a respirator when you cut masonite? I seem to remember something about toxic fumes.) But I have a feeling I'm stuck inside a box and there's a much cooler solution out there. I'd like it to be durable and easy to cut (I can deal with wood and plexiglas, but probably not sheet metal.) Any other ideas that spring to mind? i'm not wedded to something stiff -- floppiness could be charming as well. And it doesn't have to be readymade - I'm willing to spend an obsessive amount of time on the right technique, so if you have a recipe for a durable papyrus, please let me know. Thanks.* -> new*?

Is it possible to implement domain-part redirection on URLs, along these lines: becomes for any instance of "*", that segment of the URL is replaced by "*" If so, are there multiple methods? [MI] I think that this is possible if you have httpd.conf access under apache; however, in the instance I'm trying to learn about, I do not have that level of admin access. I do have DNS control over the second domain, but not the first. The page set at the first domain is my content, hosted by a commercial aggregator. I think I might be able to accomplish this by setting up a script at "" which would parse incoming URL requests and transfer the visitor to the "" URL. Is there a readymade script I can gank to accomplish this? can i do what i need just in DNS? TIA!

Where can I find a large 6 ft. segmented LCD display?

Where can I find a large (> 6 ft.) segmented LED display? I'm looking for a very large (+6ft. horizontal) LED display. Sort of like an array of these but much larger. It can be driven by serial or parallel input. The reason why: we have large (segmented LED display, like the numbers on your calculator) digital clocks at work that cost upwards of $20,000. I imagine the reason for their cost is that they are feature-packed and can act as Code Blue timers, countdown timers, mission clocks, you can drive them with NTP and 50 other things we don't care about or need (and that we ostensibly do not want to pay for). What I'd like to do is buy a nice large serial-powered segmented LED or LCD display that can attached to a networked computer (which are a dime a dozen) and stop buying these fancy clocks with fancy integrated features. Preferably it will already be in a nice case, but we can have one made if it's just the display. If it can be serially driven that's

How to make the perfect bubble wall for aquarium, yourself?

I cut out a 3 foot long tube and punctured holes with a hot pin with 1 inch distance on the top side. I sealed one end and hooked in my air pump at the other and anchored the whole thing in my tank from one end to the other with vacume holders. I find that bubbles don't come out from all the holes properly. If anyone has some good tips making a perfect buble wall airation tube, please post. The reason I'm doing this is because, I can't get the proper size readymade piece for this in my area.

Comfort issues

How do I add some padding to my messenger bag's strap? I bought this leather laptop messenger bag that I really love here but the strap is too thin. I don't want to return it but the strap is becoming very uncomfortable with the heavy load. Can I add some cushion around my strap? Any readymade product like that?

Welcome me to a dollhouse?

Where can I find a good dollhouse (online or in NYC)? My girlfriend recently mentioned her life-long dream of owning a dollhouse, as she never owned one as a child. Her birthday is coming up, so I thought I would get her one. I've done some looking online, but I don't know good dollhouses from bad. Here's some details: She's crafty as hell, and so assembly shouldn't be a problem (in fact, she'll probably enjoy it), so they don't have to come readymade. We have a tiny NYC apartment, so small and cool beats big for us. I'd like to spend under 200 dollars -- I don't have a lot of money. Thanks!