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Job processing via web application: real-time status updates and backend messaging

I would like to implement an (open source) web application, where the user sends some kind of request via his browser to a Python web application. The request data is used to define and submit some kind of heavy computing job. Computing jobs are outsourced to a "worker backend" (also Python). During job processing, the job goes through different stages over time (from "submitted" over intermediate states to "finished", ideally). What I would like to accomplish is to display the current job state to the user in real time. This means that the worker backend has to communicate job states back to the web application. The web application then has to push information to the user's browser. I've brought a picture for you that schematically describes the basic idea: schematic problem description

The numbers in red circles indicate the chronological order of events. "web app" and "worker backend" are still to be designed. Now, I w

I'm a 14 year old published poet. Here's one "Pompeii" , tho I never get any freakin' answers so whatever. C/C?

The blackest root of the history tree, the oblivious blossom fist- Flushing ruddy star blood into infant petal. Slow, slow content. For these people need not savour these stones, needn't in vows persist, Why utter before the dust licked storm... The white paint of death lament? One girl struts with downcast eyes, and clutches to her shadow kissed side, The beetle brown clay about hindered orb of water whispered jug. To the well, To the holy well, of thoughtless tongue cloak, water veil unto fertility's bride, The most regardless of states. And yet, she an effigy? Timeless flesh of retained shell. You did not think the red tiles, knobbled, patched of stucco stone on sun bitten roof, Would be a sanctuary for this Earth's rage, the cracks a cradle of scarlet pallor. Is this enough? Are /you/ content? With this... this object of philosophy proof! Stars, your silver points are murderous. Studded in the sky, blinking in mock demure. Bloodless deity slapped the sky, sleazy signal to the wi

What is Let's Take you Back? 19?

1968: Well how time flys now it's 1968, so hop on board and lets take that trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoy one and all, and share your thoughts if you want? April 2nd: Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on the book by Arthur C. Clarke, is released to mixed reviews - some find it unbearably slow and obtuse, thanks to its minimal dialogue and disjointed images.But it gradually gains a reputation as the most influential sci-fi movie ever, noted for its special effects, its audacious score of classical music [notably Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra], and its talking computer, HAL. January 4th: Jimi Hendrix is arrested in Gothenburg, Sweden, after a hotel room smashing incident. February 12th:Jimi Hendrix plays a show for students at his old school, Garfield High in Seattle. He is then awarded an honorary diploma - no bad for someone who dropped out of school at 14. February 22th: Genesis release their debut single, The Silent Sun. March 4th: The Mothers Of Inv