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In, Out, Shake-it-all about... I need a methodology and/or software application (for analyzing differing input, storage and output concepts) that I can hand on a silver-platter to my analysts...

In, Out, Shake-it-all about... I need a methodology and/or software application (for analyzing differing input, storage and output concepts) that I can hand on a silver-platter to my analysts... I am looking for a scientific / semi-scientific approach to analysis of the following problem: I have a database of information of incidents relating to medicinal products and their specifications. The inputs to the database come from multiple sources for each incident and for each specification, with different ideas about how to represent certain concepts. The outputs of the database get printed on various reports and forms, whose format is specified by various governments, that also use differing concepts. Let's assume for the sake of this discussion that there are no agreed published mappings between the different concepts. (For examples of clashing concepts, see end.) Goals: 1) Minimize / simplify data entry from variable quality source data; 2) Minimize dup

What are these types of jobs called?

I am looking for a job on I know the types of skills I want to utilize, but am not sure what these types of jobs are actually called. Suggest some alternate search terms, and/or employers! I have a BA in Economics and Philosophy from a top university (hooray debt). I have a year of experience as a Legal Assistant where I edited and proofread way complicated contracts and such. I have another year and a half of experience as an International Shipping Documentation Manager -- doing customs paperwork, following regs and solving problems over the phone, basically. I am looking for jobs along this line: Research Analyst. Compliance Analyst. Regulatory Analyst. Policy Analyst. Contracts Analyst. Basically jobs where shit gets complicated, but isn't 100% quantitative/computational, and doesn't require an advanced degree (at least to start). Gov't-finance-science appeal to me... I would like to be on the path to making a solid living.

But what does it DO?

Corporate trainers, I need your help. I need to train some colleagues on the capabilities of an software package to prepare them for designing some upgraded features. However, they are not users of the software, so my standard new-user training is not going to cut it. Do you have any tips on how to do this kind of training/education? Any suggestions of training books or websites that can help? In my job, I am a business analyst in support of an internally-developed software package. We use this software for a very specialized type of data entry and it has a steep learning curve as a result. My new project is to develop some new features to handle upcoming EU regulatory changes. Therefore, my European colleagues are heavily involved in the design of these new features, but progress is hampered by the fact that they don't really understand how the current software works. Management is asking me to put together some training so that the European members can gain a bett

Ok, this has been fun, what's next?

I think it's time to look for a new job. The problem is, I'm not sure what I want to do next, and I don't know how my skills translate. Long explanation inside. In my current position, I support a software package that my company uses for regulatory compliance. I've been here for 10 years. I started as a data entry person, moved on to doing user support, and have been leading software upgrade projects for the last 6 years as well as supervising the user support team. Most recently I collaborated with the software vendor on the design of a new software module. I have gained business process experience and project management skills along the way. I've been considering my future at this company and it seems limited because I seem to be in a very specific niche. I'm also burned out and disillusioned about my work, and not happy with the direction we're headed in. Ideally, we'd have a vision for the future of our software and we'd develop it and someone (well, me) wou