Questions About Reocrd

MS Access query - finding the reocrd with a maximum value

In MsAccess, how can I choose the record where a certain value is maximum or minimum? I have multiple rows for each item. Each row includes columns such as: item number, version number, person, task start date, task end date, task result. A given item could have any number of tasks. I want to run a query that returns one row per item and includes all the information about the last task for that item. In other words, this will be all the same columns as the original table, but only rows where the task start date is maximum for that item number. My first try was to find the maximum date for each item number and then use that to select the row. But I can't join that back up to the original data because it's a circular reference, so I can't find out the other information about that task. Any suggestions? I'm guessing this would need to be done as a sql query, but I'm having no luck with Access help or google in finding a starting point. I'm usin

PHP/MySQL/jQuery Pessimistic Locking of Record

I've been thinking about developing some simple record locking for an application I'm involved in. There are a few users who will take literally hours to complete an edit of a record. This causes issues when someone else wants to make a change to the record. Currently there is no locking involved.

I'm not certain that Optimistic locking is reliable in my case, as the record is saved thru an AJAX request. I'm looking at applying some kind of Pessimistic Locking; using two fields, such as, locking_user_id and locking_timestamp, I can track who has the record open and the last time it was opened.

But, since the user may have it open for hours at a time, how can I know if the user abandoned it or is just working hard on it? I don't want to force them to update it every 5 minutes ~ yet that might be a possibility (AJAX save every 5 min).

Perhaps a jQuery process could be counting while the user works and would fire off an AJAX req

Comparing two lists for duplicates in either of them in C#

I have two Lists like so:

List<EmpData> colExistingEmpData;
List<EmpData> colExternalEmpData;

Each of them will have employee records that have the same Id. I know this sounds wierd but that's a real situation I am in right now!

For every employee in colExternalEmpData based on EmpId a check is made on colExistingEmpData

foreach (EmpData employee in colExternalEmpData)
  var queryResult = colExistingEmpData.FindAll(thisEmployee => thisEmployee.Id == employee.Id);

  if(querResult.count == 0)
    // Mark as INSERT
  else if(querResult.count == 1)
    // Mark as UPDATE
  else // queryResult is more than 1
    // data is duplicated mark as IGNORE


This works fine when colExistingEmpData has no duplicated value for the 'Id'

When there are duplicates in colExternalEmpData, meaning if two employees have same 'ID' as 123 the above code

Can I record from a HDTV/DVR box to my regular video recorder?

We're going on an extended vacation soon, and there are some shows that we just don't want to miss. A lot of shows actually! We're afraid that the DVR won't be able to record all of the shows, and so we were thinking of setting up some of the shows to be reocrded by the video recorder instead. Which means, we will need to set up our HDTV box to our video mechine, then have it feed through to the viewing screen. So far, I haven't really figured out how to do this, and I'm really hoping to hear from someone who might have tried this themsevles and found out the right way to do this. Any help?

PHP simple search between item range

First of all, before writing down PHP code. I have a table named as items in mySQL database. Suppose it has the following reocrds inside item_no :

  • 1L900BK
  • 1L900BE
  • 1L900BR
  • 2L900BK
  • 2L902BE
  • 2L910PU

and the PHP code is :

$from = $_POST['from'];
$to = $_POST['to'];

$query = "SELECT * FROM items WHERE item_no BETWEEN '".$from."' AND '".$to."' ORDER BY item_no Asc";
$result = mysql_query($query);

$num = mysql_num_rows($result);

$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
echo $row['item_no'];
echo "<br /><br />";    

Now the problem starts here : Suppose I wanted to search for an item FROM 1l900bk TO 2l900BK, it will outputs all item_no between them ( 1L900bk 1L900BE ------- 2L900BK) Which is perfect!

But When i wanted to

Set different row table color basis on performance

I am making student performance reocrds in sql. There are only 2 colums.

sl no. Name    Points
1      Admam    89
2      Russel   86
3      Andy     79
4      Lance    76
5      Steve    75
6      jack     74
7      Phil     70
8      mark     67
9      kevin    65
10     andrew   65
11     brian    64
12     pat      63

This is SQL report format.. I need to colorize the table for every 3 students..For the first 3 student(1, 2, 3) called as 'Diamond' So that 3 rows needs to color Grey. Next 3 studets (4,5,6)called as "platinum" so that 3 rows need to color green.

But in the next row, Phi, Mark, Kevin needs to color as Yellow. But Andrew also joining with kevin because for same points. So now 4 rows should be colorize as yellow.. Please let me know how to do dat....

Need a code snippet for backward paging

Hi guys I'm in a bit on a fix here. I know how easy it is to build simple pagination links for dynamic pages whereby you can navigate between partial sets of records from sql queries. However the situation I have is as below:

COnsider that I wish to paginate between records listed in a flat file - I have no problem with the retrieval and even the pagination assuming that the flat file is a csv file with the first field as an id and new reocrds on new lines.

However I need to make a pagination system which paginates backwards i.e I want the LAST entry in the file to appear as the first as so forth. Since I don't have the power of sql to help me here I'm kinda stuck - all I have is a fixed sequence which needs to be paginated, also note that the id mentioned as first field is not necessarily numeric so forget about sorting by numerics here.

I basically need a way to loop through the file but backwards and paginate it as such.

How can I do that - I'm wo

Can anyone recommend a good Free Video Editor or Player ?

Can anyone recommend a good Free Video Editor or Player ? I need to trim some portions of the existing video that I downloaded from the internet . I had used Free version Real Player ( to trim , but sometimes does not work ). VLC to reocrd the wanted portion ( but sometimes can't play back the trimmed portion ) The trimmed portion always got some problem like - can't play .ogg, .ms format ..... Pls help Thank you !

kanye west...a sellout?!?!?!?

im an avid fan of hip hop...Nas, rakim, krs, talib kweli, mos def, common, the roots, pac, biggie, big L, wu tang, bone thugs, immortal technique, papoose, cormega, az, pharaoh monch, black thought, dead prez, tribe called quest, jedi mind tricks, murs, army of the pharoahs, big daddy kane, naughty by nature, saul williams, etc etc etc...i dont listen to the radio, mtv, bet, cause its all commercialized mainstream nonsense about women, cars, money, guns, whatever...i listen to mostly underground and old school anyway, i used to be a fan of kanye until graduation came out...the whole 50 kanye feud was a publicicty stunt for reocrd sells, and kanye even said in goodlife "50 told me to switch my style up and watch the money pile up" you believe kanye is a sellout...aloong with guys like jay z who dumbs down his lyrics for money (he admitted it by the way, as well as 50 cent, although he was never good)???????