Questions About Rex Reynolds

did u hear about the accident in HUNTSVILLE, Ala.???

The bus went to the side, and I guess it went over," she said. "When it was falling ... I was just glad when it hit the ground." It struck the ground nose-first, about 30 feet below the I-565 overpass. Two teenage girls died in the wreckage; a third died later at a hospital. "They were falling on each other. People were screaming, yelling, crying," said Jefferson, 16, who suffered fractures to her left arm and cuts and bruises to her face. More than 30 Lee High School students and the bus driver were taken to Huntsville Hospital, which became a hectic trauma center Monday with emergency physicians and staff called in to help as ambulances brought in the severely injured. Five people, including the bus driver, had undergone surgery, a hospital spokeswoman said. Police said the bus, taking students to classes at a downtown tech center, swerved on the overpass, plowed through a concrete barrier and plunged to the street below. Police Chief Rex Reynolds said an orange Toyota Celica

Why are libs so upset that Bush pardoned Libby?

Why is it wrong to pardon Libby when CLINTON pardoned the following 140 people???? Verla Jean Allen, Nicholas M. Altiere, Bernice Ruth Altschul, Joe Anderson Jr., William Sterling Anderson, Mansour Azizkhani, Cleveland Victor Babin Jr., Chris Harmon Bagley, Scott Lynn Bane, Thomas Cleveland Barber, Peggy Ann Bargon, Roscoe Blampied, William Arthur Borders Jr., Arthur David Borel, Douglas Chrles Borel. George Thomas Brabham Almon Glenn Braswell Leonard Browder David Steven Brown Delores Caroylene Burleson, aka Delores Cox Burleson John H. Bustamante Mary Louise Campbell Eloida Candelaria Dennis Sobrevinas Capili Donna Denise Chambers Douglas Eugene Chapman Ronald Keith Chapman Francisco Larois Chavez Henry Cisneros Roger Clinton, Jr. Stuart Harris Cohn David Marc Cooper Ernest Harley Cox Jr. John F. Cross Jr. Reickey Lee Cunningham Richard Anthony De Labio John Deutch Richard Douglas Edward Reynolds Downe Marvin Dean Dudley Larry Lee Duncan Robert Clinton Fain Marcos Arcenio Fernande

I'm looking for some obscure band any?

I have thousands of CDs/vinyls, but so you can get an idea of my taste in music (and so I don't get a long list of bands I already have), here are some of the artists that I have on my computer. Like I said, I have a lot of music so please try to be as obscure as possible with your suggestions. Thank you! ? And The Mysterians 10 CC 13th Floor Elevators 38 Special The 5ths Dimension A3 Abigail Washburn AC/DC The Action Adam and the Ants Aerosmith Agnes Strange Al Green Al Kooper The Alan Parsons Project Albert Hammond Albert King Alice Cooper Alice In Chains The Allman Brothers Band Almendra Amazing Rhythm Aces The Amboy Dukes America Amon Düül II Amos Lee ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead Andrew Bird Andromeda Aphex Twin Apocalyptica Apollo Sunshine Apples In Stereo Apriil Wine Aretha Franklin Arlo Guthrie Art Art Garfunkel Arthur Brown The Artwoods Asia The Association Asylum Street Spankers Atomic Fireballs Atomic Rooster The Attack Audience Average White Band Ayreon Azt

Why would anyone vote to put another Clinton in office?

Bills list of pardons is huge! In his last hours in office he pardoned 140 criminals! over 450 while in office! Here is the list below. The apple never falls far from the tree.Why should we trust his wife? Verla Jean Allen (1990 false statements to an agency of the United States).[3] Nicholas M. Altiere (1983 importation of cocaine) Bernice Ruth Altschul (1992 money laundering conspiracy) Joe Anderson Jr. (1988 income tax evasion) William Sterling Anderson (1987 defraudment of a financial institution, false statements to a financial institution, wire fraud) Mansour Azizkhani (1984 false statements in bank loan applications) Cleveland Victor Babin Jr. (1987 using the U.S. mail service to defraud) Chris Harmon Bagley (1989 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine) Scott Lynn Bane (Unlawful distribution of marijuana) Thomas Cleveland Barber (Issuing worthless checks) Peggy Ann Bargon (Violation of the Lacey Act, violation of the Bald Eagle Protection Act) David R

Really Need Help its About Books?

Okay so thank you for looking at my question first!!! I want to know where I can read at least one the following books online. Please give links to where I can absolutely read them for free. The best answer will be rewarded. Thank You!! Just to make sure at least you found one book link that will give me the book and its author! Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer and Mathematician (African American Biographies) Laura Baskes Litwin, Benjamin Banneker Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Inc. (July 1999) ISBN: 0766012085 Eugenie Clark - Marine Biologist Ronald A. Reis ISBN 0816058830 Pub. Date 2005 Facts on File Inc. Charles Drew: Physician Robyn Mahone Lonesome, R. Lonesome Mahone ISBN: 1555465811 Pub. Date: December 1990 Publisher: Main Line Book Company Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein Stephanie Sammartino Sammartino McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino McPherson ISBN: 1575050676 Pub. Date: June 1997 Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story about