Questions About rey mysterio

Do you think Rey Mysterio is going to win the triple threat match tonight?

Do you think Rey Mysterio is going to win the triple threat match tonight and Win the match to take on John Cena? My bad John CeNation I honestly don't feel bad for R-Truth, because that's his bad Kharma LoL!!! Rey is going to win the match and win the title from Cena!!!! P.S Miz is soo funny! Watch Monday Night Raw right now on Monday Nights at 9/8c only on USA

Who would you like to see as a replacement for Rey Mysterio?

Apparently Rey is one knee injury away from retiring, and WWE is planning on Albert Del Rio be his replacement because he's Hispanic. That doesn't cut it because I think that WWE needs that one high-flying underdog that sells a lot of merchandise. Who would you like to see replace Rey Mysterio if he had to retire? It can be anyone whether that be a current High-Flying Superstar or an independent wrestler. In my opinion I think it should be either Hunico or Epico from FCW

Your reaction to Rey Mysterio's Tweet that he us attempting to return to the ring next month?

Injured WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio says he's pushing to return to WWE by May. Mysterio, who attended WrestleMania Weekend events in Miami last week, tweeted Sunday, "I really miss performing for all of u & thank u 4 all the LUV,i am pushing myself to come back from my injury by May! Almost (there)!" Mysterio has not competed since Summer 2011 when he underwent extensive knee surgeries.