Questions About Robert Maurer

Who else is excited for the "Maze Runner" movie? Cast ideas?

Omgg *fangirling* I'm really excited for the movie, I just hope they hurry up with the cast since there release date is only like a year from now right?! Anyways my cast would be Thomas - Logan Lerman Teresa - Alexandra Daddario Chuck - Robert Capron Alby - Micheal B Jordan Newt - Gregg Sulkin Minho - Mario Maurer Gally - Nolan Gerrad Scotch Trial's Brenda - Selena Gomez ( lol I know I 'm get a lot of crap for this choice) Jorge - Kevin Alejandro Rat Man - Dennis O'Hare Harriet - Katerina Graham Sonya - Arianna Grande Oops forgot Aris. Aris - Graham Phillips