Questions About Rory Foster

Was Michael Caine, Gary Busey, Rory Emerald, Art Carney, Jodie Foster, & Peter Boyle in any of these films?

The Muppets Take Manhattan, Powwow Highway, Bugsy Malone, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Freaky Friday, Foxes, Switching Channels, Mississippi Burning, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Wiz, The China Syndrome, The Conversation, Deathtrap, A Fish Called Wanda, Less Than Zero, The Wizard of Oz, Moonstruck, Mask, Quest for Fire, Smash Palace, Sleuth, Overboard, Weird Science, This Is Spinal Tap, Stevie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Milagro Beanfield War, The Little Drummer Girl, High Season, Twilight Zone - the Movie, Terms of Endearment, Lost in America, Jean de Florette, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Hairspray, Fool for Love, Dog Day Afternoon, Up the Sandbox, The World According to Garp, Young Frankenstein, Yentl, Bye Bye Brazil, Annie Hall, Trickster Rory Emerald, Silence of the Lambs, Contact, Pretty in Pink, A Passage to India, Coma, Brubaker, The Breakfast Club, Bird, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Say Anything, & One-Trick Pony.

What's your favorite Boxing Movies? Here's Some of Mine.?

I've Watched Just about every Boxing Movie,Here are some of my Favorites,,What's Yours?? No-1-Monkey on my Back-1957--Cameron Mitchell as Barney Ross,Dianne Foster,Jack Albertson..The Life Story of Barney Ross.. No-2-The Harder They Fall-1956-Humphrey Bogart,Jan Sterling,Rod Steiger,Mike Lane as Primo Canera,Max Bear,Jersey Joe Walcott,Harold.Stone,Nehemiah Persoff..Uncredited but true story of Primo Canera.. No-3-Dempsey-1983-Treat Williams as Jack Dempsey,Sam Waterston,Sally Kellerman,Victoria Tennant,Jimmy Lennon Snr.Jessie Vint...The Life Story of Jack Dempsey.. No-4-Gentleman Jim-1942-Errol Flynn as James.J.Corbett,Alexis Smith,Jack Carson,Ward Bond,.The Life Story of JamesJ.Corbett.. No-5-Somebody Up There Likes Me-1956-Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano,Pier Angeli,Sal Mineo,Tony Zale..The Life Story of Rocky Graziano.. No-6-Requiem for a Heavyweight-1962-Anthony Quinn as Mountain Ravira,Jackie Gleason,Micky Rooney,Julie Harris,Madame Spivy,Barney Ross,Jack Dempsey,Cassius Clay

What would you name 6 children from these...?

I see these around here a lot so I thought I'd make one myself. There are 3 girl names and 3 boy names with the same kinda theme. Feel free to change the spellings or whatever. Let me know your favorite creation! FN: Male names in my family Lawrence, Glenn, Reed, Michael, Ivan, Ronald, Stephen, Joseph MN: Animal-Inspired Wolfe, Leon, Drake, Jay, Phoenix, Fox, Bear, Finch FN: Female names in my family Tammy, Lynn, Ranee, Kimberly, Patricia, Kathy, Marion, Amy MN: Animal-Inspired Robin, Raven, Swan(n), Wren, Dove, Fawn, Mare, Coral FN: Band name names Cooper, Jimmy, Foster, Jefferson, Jethro, Floyd, Halen, Franz, Keane MN: Unisex Brett, Carmen, Dion, Gene, Hayden, Kegan, Lee, Oakley, Riley FN: Band name names Jovi, Alice, Joy, Florence, Marilyn, Jane, Hannah, Abba, Destiny MN: Unisex Adrian, Alex, Drew, Dillan, Jade, Kendall, Monroe, Rory, Taylor FN: Shakespeare names Orlando, Edgar, Romeo, Leonardo, Fenton, Cassio, Paris, Angelo MN: Top 2012 names Liam, Noah, Caleb, Oliver, Eth

What would you name your children?

Following these rules, what would you name your children? Please no spelling changes of names provided. Enjoy :) 1. BOY - Your first child is a boy. His first name must begin with one of A, E, I or O. His middle name must be one of these: Bentley, Brady, Brody, Caley, Darcy, Delaney, Finley, Hadley, Haley, Henley, Henry, Mallory, Reilly, Romilly or Wesley. 2. GIRL - Your next child is a girl. Her first name must be a flower name. Her middle name must begin with M. 3/4. BOY/BOY - Your next two children are twin boys. The initials of one twin must be the opposite of the initials of the other twin, i.e. AJ and JA. 5. BOY - Your next child is a boy. His first name must be one of these, which have something to do with the colour red: Adam, Clancy, Jasper, Leroux, Ormond, Phoenix, Radcliff, Radley, Reid, Rohan/Rowan, Rory, Ross, Rufus or Russell. His middle name must be one of these occupation names: Hunter, Fletcher, Tailor, Sawyer, Tyler, Bailey, Archer, Banner, Carter, Harper, Piper